I just joined, about how long does it take for an account to be approved? And, if you don’t mind, why are accounts hand-approved?


They’re not hand-approved anymore, and you can see the estimated wait when you login to your stable.

So it takes about four months?

It will change as time goes on, don’t worry.  I doubt that you’ll be waiting 4 months  <3  The game is worth it though, and until you get approved there is plenty to learn here. :wink:

Okay, thanks.

It also gives preference to people who prove activity by posting on the forum. :wink:

I shall post away then! Hehe. Thank you so much. You’re both very kind.

Any extraneous (i.e. useless) posts will be deleted, FYI.  Posting to be active when you have something to say is great, posting just to increase your post count is useless.  (Not to mention, 99% of the people on the waiting list never post at all, so you already have a head start as far as getting into the game :wink:…now you just have to wait for a spot to open up.)

Spamming is evil! I only post when I have something to say. XD

The date for when I’d enter the game on Friday was Jan. 14. Now it’s Jan. 17. It’s been progressing a day into the future each day. I’m still in the same place on the list. Is this normal?

What do you mean, “For a spot to open up”?

There are only a set number of members allowed on the game at any one time.  As soon as one is deemed inactive, their stable is deleted, and a new member takes their place :slight_smile:  We like this limit because it keeps a community feeling around here.  We never feel like there are so many members we can’t possibly remember them all.

Yes, one of my favorite things about this site is the community feel to it. You start to know whose horse is whose, make some friends, etc. It makes the game much more fun! Games with thousands of members don’t compare, in my opinion. I’ve always preferred small groups of people over big ones, in any situation.

Ramble, ramble, ramble.  ::)

I hope you get accepted soon! And trust me, I doubt you’ll have to wait nearly as long as it says. I bet one day you’ll log on and suddenly have a stable. It happened to me! (about two months early too!)  ;D

It’s good stuff, you’ll be addicted.

How long must an account sit before deemed “inactive”?

Brand new members - 2 weeks.  Members who’ve logged in before - 5 weeks.

huh. I saw two who haven’t logged on since early march.

They’re brand new members…it hasn’t been 2 weeks since they officially got into the game.