Apologies for keeping this hanging…I keep trying to find a few minutes free to: 1) organize race challenge info 2) write code to support new challenges.  I was planning on working on both this weekend, but now I’m getting hit with a very nasty head cold. :frowning:

If you guys wouldn’t mind being patient a bit longer, I’d appreciate it.

Also, in the meantime, start thinking up what sort of secret you would like to submit. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it, Shanthi. We all understand the drag and strain of life that keeps us from FF.

Get better soon! Start taking those vitamin bombs.  :slight_smile:

Not a big problem… finals week next week… I understand the whole crush for time… and I’m recovering fron a upper respitory infection as well… Drink Lots of fluids!!!

Is fine, Shanti , I hope you get to feeling better!

No worries. :slight_smile: Hope you feel better soon!

I’m sorry to hear your getting sick. My whole family is too. Take time to feel better!

Get well soon. Drink lots of fluids, take your vitamins, especially Vitamin C and get rest.

Don’t worry about it Shanti, As its been said it is almost Final exam week… So i’m studying like crazy anyways.

Get better soon, drink lots of orange juice

Get Well! I have been off and on trying to keep in the loop of things…lol

How’s the code coming along for Color War?

It’s not, I still haven’t had a chance to work on it. :frowning:

We went from the plague to a work crisis and now show season is starting.

I am hoping to at least hand out racehorses soon, possibly this weekend.  The rest of the challenges may have to wait until next year, at this rate.

No worries! Good luck in the ring this year.

No rush, Shanthi. Take your time, and good luck with the season!

Good luck with show season Shanti!  No worries about challenges & stuff, we can wait. :smiley:

All is cool, being patient promise…  Hope things get better for you soon.

Yeah things seem to have gone crazy lately. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!!

So I was going to hand out horses to teams this weekend, but we need more pedigrees submitted.  :slight_smile: 
Anyone up for submitting some?

I would like to give each team 5 or 6 horses, which means about 60 more pedigrees (I’d like to keep a baseline of 50 or so for each gender).

I submitted eleven but I’m fresh out of inspiration :P hopefully I’ll think of a few more names later.

I submitted 10, but I too have no more good names left…I’ll try to think of more

will send some now…