Anyone know anything about Toshiba....

Since there are a few very tech savvy individuals here I thought I’d pose my question on the FF board…see what people have to say…

So a few months back my Toshiba Satellite (A45-S151) was dropped from about 3-4 feet, actually bounced about 2 feet and although the computer was fine(AMAZING!) the power cord which had been connected to it stayed connected while the wires within the cord were partially ripped out…making the power cord a fire hazard(although it still works). Anyway, I found a replacement cord on here but after reading the countless reviews saying how frequently the cord breaks(some ppl are on their 3rd or 4th cord and understandably although all say they love the computer they hate the cord) so I’m a little hesitant to buy the thing at $89(that’s the discount price!). My boyfriend has offered to buy a Macbook for my birthday/Christmas/birthday/Christmas present :wink: (the computer I was planning to buy once the Toshiba dies…if it ever does) but since my Toshiba still works great if feels like a waste to buy a new computer. I’ve had my Toshiba for 4 yrs and one reason I think I may not have had power cord problems like many of the other owners is that previously the computer mostly stayed in one place…but soon that will change as for the next two years I’ll be spending a lot of time in lab, needing my computer for class work. Anyway, if anyone has any opinions about the Toshiba power cord, if they know anything, I’d love to hear from you!


How do you feel about getting an after-market adaptor? It looks like you can purchase a new one on eBay for around $35, and it looks like they offer anywhere from 6 to 12 months in a replacement warranty (though I have no idea how much fine print might be in that warranty). Granted, it’s not made by Toshiba, but that might be an option for you if you don’t want to get an all-new (albeit very spiffy) laptop.

No opinions on the power cord, never having owned a Toshiba, but I’d totally go for the Macbook.  :wink:  They’re awesome, and though their power cord is $80 also, it’s the uberspiffy mag-safe magnetic one so if you drop the computer (not recommended :stuck_out_tongue:), the power cord just pulls free.

I’d still be using my old iBook that I bought 5 years ago if work hadn’t bought me a Macbook.  :slight_smile:

Anyway, aside from macs being cool in general…it’s a question of investment.  If you know the Toshiba will last you another year or 2 and work fine, then just spend the $89 and hope that lasts for 2 years, since that’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole new computer.  If you don’t think the Toshiba will do the job, or just want to add the mac sexiness to your life, get the macbook. :wink:

I get all my cell phone accessories off of ebay because they are soooo cheap, but of course they are generic brands, but work just as well all the same.  I can buy a charger for like 5 bucks including shipping.
Anyway my point is that an off brand cord, I feel, will do you just fine if you want to get a couple of extra years out of your computer.  Even if you have to buy another it’s cheaper than getting a cord that has bad reviews anyway.  I say go for the ebay cord if you want so extra life out of your computer but if you have someone who wants to get you a new mac then that’s awesome too. :slight_smile:

I would have to agree with Shanthi. Go for the Macbook! U will not be dissapointed. I have a powerbook that I love to death. I am looking at getting a new mac as I have loved this on so much.

I don’t know why I never thought of ebay! Well, as much as a REALLY want a Macbook, for now anyway, it will have to wait as the cheapness of a new power cord from ebay is an easy answer(plus the one I’m buying has a 1 year warranty from a well rated seller). I’ll be sure to let everyone know when I finally get a Macbook someday…btw has anybody seen the Macbook Air? its sooo tiny! I WANT ONE! Hopefully when I can finally upgrade my computer I can get that one…and maybe it’ll be even better by then. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I knew you’d be a big help!

Hee hee, yes, the Air is pretty cool looking…I love how you can slide it into a manila envelope.  :smiley: That’s teeny!!

I THIRD the Macbook sexiness… I have a Mac Powerbook G4 and its like… 4 or so years old (Its name is “Ringo Musashi”)? Anyway, I got it during a huuuuge college-type sale… thing… SO–it came with a TON of awesome programs already installed… Like, Adobe Photoshop, which I DEARLY love… and use constantly…

All of this is actually really funny because I’m trying to get my mother to buy a Mac for herself, since she saw some very cheap Toshibas and was thinking of getting a computer… But yeah.

GET A MAC. You’ll love it.

Okay. Poofing away… Poofing away…  :smiley:

I love my Toshiba. Maybe I’m a bit over-sentimental for it, but whatever.

I recently had to get a new power cord for my Toshiba too. I have no advise for you though, especially if you can get one for $35 on eBay. My mom spent about $80 on my new power cord, but it’s universal, so I don’t mind so much. If it doesn’t crap out on us soon, we could use it on another computer we may get…  ;D

So yeah, I’m not very useful since we were willing to spend a bunch of money. I’m rooting for your Macbook though. They sound amazing, though I’ve never used one.

Good luck to ya!