Anyone good with PSP7?

I’m in

the process of making a webpage for my stable. On the main page I would like to put this

picture but I want to save it with a transparent background.

I cutout the horse and added

the text I wanted to use and pasted it onto a transparent background. Then I used the GIF

optimizer to export it, but I can’t get rid of the white border around my image.


I know I could just use the same background color as my page background color but I would

like it to be transparent so I can have the option to change the page background color at

liberty without worrying about having to go back to PSP and change my whole graphic to


The other thing I don’t get is that there’s no white border around my text,

only around the horse, so I know it can be saved with no white border, I’m just not sure how

to do it. :?

Hopefully that made since lol

If anyone can help I’d appreciate

it or if you know any good tutorial sites since all the ones I’ve used haven’t helped.


In PSP 7 , when using a the

gif optimizer to remove the background to make a transparent gif you will need to change the

Tolerance. Do not use the wizard.
Go to File, Export, GIF optimizer. Match the areas to

the appropriate color to remove the background on the first tab. The second tab "Partial

Transparency" Take your transparency up or down to see if you can remove that white


If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to remove it by hand. Open your image and

promote the background to a layer. then, using the erase tool, erase your backround from the

image. Again, when you go to export it into the gif optimizer do not use the wizard. ON the

first tab set it for existing transparency and you should be good to go .


that helps