Anybody remember?

I feel like I came across a link for a pretty funny commercial somewhere, sometime on this forum… the one where these 3 thugs, seemingly from the mob buy a ‘champion horse from europe’ in an attempt to fix a race the following day… they try to please the Don, but when the horse breaks from the gate, he piaffes. It’s a commercial for an insurance agency or something… Does anyone know of the link to it? I want to show it to my advertising class during a presentation, since it’s pretty cute… and anyway… i need a way to work in some equine humor…:smiley:

I took it down a while ago when I was cleaning out the server, but I’ve reuploaded it here. (Just let me know once you’ve downloaded it so that I can re-delete it and save server space. :slight_smile:)

Shanthi, you made my day.

That is all.

OMG, that was great. I saw that a long time ago too. Only a Dressage Friend of mine sent it to me. I about died when I saw it. This is a good reason why I don’t want to own a race horse. I would own the horse that would piaffe out of the starting gate!

LOL. That was cool, I never seen that commercial. Very funny. :lol:

Haha that’s hilarious!!

lol i love it!! my friend sent it to me a while ago and it certainly put a smile on my face

Awesome… thanks Shanthi!