And the Addiction Continues!

I felt the desire to put up

a web site for Morning Star

Farms. I just thought I would share it with everyone.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

(And yay

for addicted members! …I think :wink:)

Beautiful :slight_smile: Makes me wish I

had the time and ability to do something like that

Nice! :slight_smile:

I like your site!

Very pretty!

Cool :slight_smile:

Here is my website: <a



Not as good as

some others, but it serves it’s most basic purpose… :slight_smile:

Okay guys, my page looks

MUCH better now… It actually has links! Go me and thanks to my secret helper! :slight_smile: Check it


It looked good to begin

with, but it’s always better to have links that work. :wink: Good job, it’s a really nifty

page. :slight_smile:

Cool! Man, everyone is

making a site. Maybe it’s about time I learn how. :wink: Good Job. :slight_smile:

Heres my site for <a

href=‘’ target=’_blank’>Kentucky Acres. the

racehorses page is still under construction.


Wow! That’s sooo cool!

Now, Im going to get to work on something like that… :slight_smile:

Well, neat stable-related

websites looked so fun that I decided to try making one.

Here it is!

If there’s anything you

wanna see there (or don’t wanna see there), feel free to let me know. I plan on tinkering

with it fairly regularly. Yeah, I have way too much free time. :slight_smile:

Wow, your site is great,


Can I steal your Final Furlong page and post it somewhere? It’s like the Newbie

Guide, Part 2. :slight_smile: (New and improved: it’s coherent and conversational! :wink: – I never make

any claims to coherency)

Oh please, feel free. I hope

it’s not too redundant, but I’ve been trying to pay attention to issues that come up over

and over again and address them in my own little way. :slight_smile: If you feel it’s helpful then you

are most welcome to make use of it.

Nice Nan. :wink:


actually made a site for my farm also, about a week ago.

Here it is;

Nifty. :slight_smile: I used to have an

Angelfire site but for some reason making one on Tripod is waaaay easier. I don’t have to

mess with HTML nearly as much. :slight_smile:

Nice stuff. Mine is

alllllmost done. I just have to set up the links and stuff. It’s going to include useless

extras like Personalized pics for some of the horses, and… um… probably not much else. But

hey, Personalized pics! :smiley: