Am I overfacing my mare

If any one has any comments they would be greatly appreciated.  I have a mare I claimed for $5,000 on Jan. 28[sup]th[/sup] of this year.  And she has been wonderful to me coming home 1st (against the boys) [sup]4/5[/sup] times and the only time she didn’t win was in her 1st start for me after I claimed her.  I have her entered in a Allowance Steeplechase on June 14th and she is running against some really good horses like: Time Traveler.  Do you think I am pushing her to fast to hard?

This is my mare’s link

Who’s your mare?

For my horses, most of them generally seem to fit into the 14-21 days rest between races category. As long as you’re giving your mare enough rest and you think she is ready to run against some higher class racers, then go for it.

That’s a pretty nice-looking mare you’ve got!  Jason’s advice is good, and I think you could try her in some higher level races (if you have the finances to do so), but she seems to be doing fabulous at the allowance level, and winning an allowance generally brings in more cash than getting a 5th in a stakes race, so use your judgement.  From the looks of it you’re giving her a good long rest between races and she seems to love it!

I don’t think that you are over facing her. Looking at her record she is pretty amazing!! I hope that she does well good luck~~!!

Well after looking at your mare I definately do not think you are overracing her and I’d argue that the length of the break between 03/15 and 04/26 was far too long and possibly could be detrimental (Shanthi will no doubt be able to tell you the truth re this). Definately look at getting you mare into stakes races. 6-4-0-2-0 is a FANTASTIC record and it looks like she has won her allowances over some nice jumpers, boys to boot.

Good luck with her and if you ever want to sell give me a heads up! Hehe!

Thanks for replying all!  She is entered on June 14th and hopefully she’ll win if she does well her next start will be in the Mount Vernon Stakes in July 1st.  And Jason I don’t think I’d ever want to sell her but maybe a lease as a broodmare later down the road?