Alternative BC entries

Quick question: I thought alternative (sorry if I’m using the wrong term) Breeders’ Cup entries couldn’t be entered until just a few days before the BC? I realized I could enter some horses ranked below 14 in the BC rankings, and I see a few horses ranked 14-20th already entered in some races. I was under the impression the top 14 could enter up until the final racemeet ran before the BC, then it opened to the top 20. If I’m remembering old rules, however, let me know!

I think you’ve always had the option to enter horses from the reserve list once entries open but in theory, you’re only supposed to enter them on the final day that entries are open (assuming there’s space).

From the BC Qualifiers page:

Horses in italics are alternates and are not eligible to enter unless another qualified horse is not entered, or the final day of entries arrives.

Oh dear, and I missed most of the season and my horses aren’t even on the reserve list :confused:

Yeah, the code doesn’t stop you from entering if your horse is qualified as 15-20 because you might own horses 1-3 and know that none of them are entering, or something. So it’s more of a guideline than a hard-and-fast rule.

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Thanks Shanthi!