I was just noticing the birthdays coming up this week… (mine included)… and just figured out I must be pretty close to being the baby of the family… (I am here also)… doesn’t look like I’ll ever loose that stigma…

Chin up, chickadee, being the baby means you can get away with murder. At least my kid sister is able to do that quite effortlessly, so I think it comes with the territory. Pick a victim, and have at it!

Honestly, unless 1970 was The Year to have a baby that will grow up and play FF, I think there might be a glitch in the forum birthday thing. Maybe it got reset to default when the forum reset. I don’t know. Maybe I missed out on a good year.

As to being younger than the bulk of the players, yes I think this is true. Most seem to be college-age or post-graduate sort of folks. However, if you act like an adult, expect to be treated like one. This is a good thing.

Yes, you can be batty, crazy, insane and indulge in youthful sort of actions, unless it’s writing in net-speak. Does not compute with Cat, version 2.1. I’d need a severe upgrade in order to comprehend what the heck is being written. Geeze, I feel old.

I do think real time SIM games attract an older populace. We have time to watch the grass grow. And yell at it while shaking our canes. :wink: The faster paced SIM games tend to attract teenagers and middle-schoolers, and are a great way to meet folks your own age. I do suggest dabbling in these sorts of games. Spent much of my HS career in touch with the girls I met in these sorts of game, and it was nice to have folks to talk about horses and racing and HS stuff with. Not to say you can’t do it with us folks (and there are other FF HSers around), but I know I don’t factor well on the “cool” scale. My kid sis just rolls her eyes at me. I’m just that cool.

Bottom line–don’t fret. Keep on going as you’re going and no one will hold your age against you. In a couple years, you could join us on the porch, have a lemonade or a beer or a gin and tonic–your poison. The shaking-cane is complimentary, of course. Grrr… That young, upstart grass with its fancy photosynthesis and its general shaggy unkemptness. I’ll get you one of these days!

Heh. And I’ll be 21 in '06, so we’re not too far apart. Five years is nothing.

^^What she said :wink:

I’ll be turning 19 in 06’ so your not the only youngin

Hey, being a teen isn’t so terrible.  I rather enjoy my youth.  And I wish that I was the baby of the family, my little sister gets away with murder- she starts crying over something really pathetic and my mum gives me the 3rd degree!  

Sometimes I wish I was older, but then I realize that if I just magically aged a few years, I would miss out on alot of opportunities, not to mention spending time with all of my friends.

But on that note, I’ll be 18 on the 22nd of March, and I can’t wait to hit the casino!  Just once or twice, anyways…

But seriously, like Cat said, if you don’t act like a baby, no one will ever treat you like one.  You seem like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, just keep your head up and don’t be in too big a hurry to get that free cane!

lol… actually with recent knee surgery… I have one of those canes collecting dust… anyone care to borrow it? thanks for the pep talk… I’m on the verge of premed… and sometimes the world doesn’t seem fast enough… I’ve never played a Sim game that wasn’t real time… never could get into the 1 week = 1 month thing… to much of a realist for that… and for net-speak? hmmm… kewl & right on are the it of it… way to nerdy to get into any kind of jive or valley speak… like what did they say any way?

LOL… you are all a great bunch of front porch rockers… I love it here… I’m just ready to get out of the nickers & into some real shorts… :lol:

Yeesh you guys, way to make me feel old :wink:

Cat, you amuse me as ever. :slight_smile:

The world doesn’t seem fast enough… oh boy, I remember when I used to say that! Woowee how time flies. I’ll be 22 in February, so I’m an old fart. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I noticed time going faster once I hit 16 and could drive myself places. Up until that, life took forever. Now… life is “blink and you’ll miss it”… it’s kinda sad. But! Like my boss says “Life is like a roll of toliet paper, the closer to the end you get, the faster it goes!” :shock: Which I find incredibly true. So enjoy being young and life dragging, because before you know it, you’ll be old, with a bad back, and that cane back to haunt you.

Oh my you’re all just children :lol: Don’t rush and don’t look back 8)

Glad to be of service. :wink:

Haha I’m probably close to being the youngest one here. My 16th isn’t until the end of February :slight_smile:

Woo Hoo a baby sister… always wanted one of them… I’m going to take my driving test on the 3rd… can hardly wait… I’ve given my dad white hair learning to drive… lol… got to love it…

Driving, bah! My mom is literaly forcing me to take the tests, I threw a royal fit for 3 days, I still am too but without the tears, just dirty looks. I’ll be 18 in april :?

Heh. I have a friend here at home (read: my hometown is spread out, suburban sprawl royale) who still hasn’t gotten her license. Her younger bro has his. She finally broke down and got her permit last year, but I think that was more for the government issued ID photo thing. Much better/easier to carry around than a passport.

I’m not sure I’ve ever understood that. Why do some people not get their license? Always thought that was something all kids yearned for.

In New York City (and to a lesser extent, other cities) very few people own cars, so I could see not getting a license if you grew up downtown. Not sure about people growing up in suburbs/areas with not-as-great public transport.

yeah, I knew two people in NYC who are out of college, but don’t know how to drive. It’s insanely expensive to have a car there, so there’s really no point in doing it. I live in the suburbs and waited a few months (8 months, to be exact :wink: ) to get my permit because I was working at the time and didn’t feel like reading that awful, terrible driver’s manual. Reading that thing really sucked the life out of me. :frowning: The tests are stupid, and my driving teacher was crazy. Here you have to have six hours of driving lessons in order to get your permit, and I was a little wary of a strange man coming to my house when my mother wasn’t home to drive me to some unknown, far-away location… :? But it turned out alright, and driving isn’t really all that bad.

Well here in CA. you need a car to get anywhere… every thing seems to be an hour away… unless you live in one of the cities… then they have a pretty good public transportations system… I just want to be able to get to the barn without waiting for a parent or “big sister” to take me… and I’ve had my permit for 3 months… I’m ready to fly… hehehe…

I live 30 minutes outside of Chicago in the suburbs, so a car is a must. It’s 20 miles to my work, and about 23 miles in the opposite direction to the barn I board my horse at. Needless to say I’ve gotten very good at driving on the highway :roll: but yeah, my cousin is currently attending NYU, and he says there is barely any gas stations in the city because very few peope own and drive cars. That’s such a different life style than what I’ve grown up as, not sure I could adapt to that.

Well I live on the edge of a small city (very small city), and the city bus goes right by my house so it’s pretty easy to get from A to B in most cases. It’s also bikeable, but I also live right on top of a BIG hill, and it really stinks trying to get home if you biked down. Also here in NY I can’t get my permit until I turn 16, and then I believe you have to have it for at least 6 months before you can take your drivers test.

Well I turned 16 in October and should get my licence in the middle of January or whenever I get around to getting all my hours in. :lol: Im not too overly excited about getting my licence except for getting to the barn with out having to hitch a ride.