Advice Wanted!!!!

I want to ask what equipment

thiss horse might run well with. Ready Set Go is doing okay, but she gets a high place like

second or third then she just doesn’t have it at the end.

                         -Maryanne of Kentucky Acres

Hey um im only new to this

so what i suggest might not b the best advice but im willing to suggest soemthign. sorry if

it doesnt help at all. um she only a young horse so just try different equiptment on her, and

run her in similar difficutly races, like all 10 000 madien and see what equiptment give her

the highest SF factor.

You said she gets to a high

placement and just falls back. How far are you running her? It sounds like she could use a

little less distance but the equip is ok :slight_smile:

She’s going at 5-6f. I

dunno what’s going on in her mind she might just get bored or something. :wink:

You might try her on a turf

race, so far she’s only run on dirt. Other than that try diffrent equipment. I’d be

inclined to race her on turf, without a whip, and see what happens.

I think turf for her

possibly. Also, maybe you should look at giving her more rest. It doesn’t look like she

recovers fast enough to be racing her 10 or 11 days apart. Try her with NW and maybe a F8.

She might perk up with B or a SR. But, it is all about experimenting. Race her each time with

a different piece of equiptment and see what happens.

Oh, and just as a word of advice,

expect a bit of tempermentalism for her, she is a 2YO… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

Oh that’s true, a 2yo can

be tempermental. You have to take into consideration that your 2yo might just need more

experience. But it sounds like you are on the right track so far!

I’m a bit leniant because

all of her winning/stkes siblings seem to like dirt and did well(Thanks for the comment

Sorceress Edea! :slight_smile: )

Remember that although other

in her family might prefer a certain surface doesn’t mean she automatically will too. Also,

Final Furlong only started distinguishing between turf and dirt last year, so some horses may

still be needing some figuring out by their owners. :slight_smile:

Okay, right now I’m

thinking turf and SR, I’m hoping that my horse likes both dirt and turf. :slight_smile: I have entered

her in a maiden with a SR and NW. Wish me luck! :stuck_out_tongue: