Advertising Avaliable

Do you need a boost to your barn, stallions or need to sell horses?? Well come advertise withe the BLACK TYPE PRESS!! It is FREE. All you have to do is send Kunigal a message including the following:
Your Stable’s Name, Name in the Forum, Name in the Game, and your Ad!!

Stable Name: Lodo Stud
Owner Name: Lucy
Forum Name: Lucy
Your Ad: Do you need a stallion for your mares?? Well come check out Lodo’s stallions we have six stallions on the roster this year including GCh. Lodo’s Legend; FFCh. Lodo’s Pride and up and coming stallion ICh. Lodo’s Lost Child. All stallions have great success on the tracks!! Come take a look!! We also offer Broodmare Leasing, Racehorse Leasing, Weanling/Yearling Selling/Breeding, and we will take the time to help you find the PERFECT stallion for your mare!!

PLEASE NOTE: For This Ad this  is a made up stable with made up horses!