Abroad for School: LEASE MY HORSES :)

Hello everyone! I’m a lot behind on posting this but I am abroad for school and the internet is just too slow for me to take the time to run my babies. So. EVERY RACEHORSE can be leased! I am willing to lease through next summer if you would like. Just take a look at my stable and PM me (I probably won’t be checking this thread, only my inbox). There are a lot of talented horses that have barely touched the track. Minimum lease price is $5,000, most that lease for one year will lease for a third of their earnings.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: PM me with the following:
Horse’s Name, Length of Lease (specific start and end dates if you would like), Lease Offer

I hope you can all take advantage of this.

I already have one of your horses, Contristo, leased until May, 2017.

Do you expect to be back in FF by then or do you want me to extend the lease? Maybe we can extend it to the end of 2017, with the understanding that, if you come back before then and want to terminate the lease early, I will accept the termination.