A Night at the Barn

Walking down the barn alley, with a hectic day. Seemed to never end. As I walk by Blue’s stall, I look at him and sigh. He has been through 3 months of training, and tomarrow is his first race. I open the door to his stall. I walk in and pat is soft nose.
“Your a beautiful angel, as you run the heavens shake. When you sprint, you sleigh the demens below.”
then I take a brush over his well groomed roan body. His muscles are like steel.
" Man, I hope you pay off."
Looking at his deep big soft brown eyes, that seem to say. “I will, or try as hard as I can”
All I care is he tries and doesn’t hurt himself. I checked his legs and left him alone to get a good night of sleep.
I close his stall door. “Night Blue”

As I walk on to the stall by Blue, his girlfriend, Nighty. As she would not be racing tomarrow, but just, I thought to wait with her on the track. I open her door, and walk in.
“Hey Girly”
She comes and greets me. You can see her blaze coming from a mile away. She gives me a little nibble like “wheres my treat!” I pull my apple out of my pocket as we split it. She thinks she the queen so she should get it all. “Sorry Princess, I’m hungry too. And you just ate!” I pet her as she is chomping on the apple. I just seem to love her personality, she has been showing some talent to on the track.
“Well nighty Nighty”
I walk out close the stable door, walk into the office door, then through another which where my room was. I don’t like the house, I’d rather stay with the horses. I crawl into bed and pull the light string, and i’m in total darkness, except for a window looking into the barn.