A Filly??

Celtic Fern
Will not go to broodmare and was not allowed in fillies races?? I list as shows she qualifies for and says only fillies allowed…she is a filly??

What race?  Can she get to the track in time?  Does she qualify for the race (if she’s a winner she can’t go in a maiden, etc.)?

More info is always helpful.

Celtic Fern is 3 years old.  Mares must be at least 4 years old to become broodmares.

I reliazed the 3yr old thing after…lol I thought for some reason she was four…
As for the race…it was a stakes…that she is now able to go into…
I did the up coming races that she qualifies for and hit enter…(belmont stakes) then it told me that only fillies may enter this race…it happened before…reason i thought she was four…thought that might have been it…
Works now though…???
Weird! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Belmont Stakes is nomination-only.