Race 1
Win: dusklight
Place: Awwwww
Show: crooked flower

Race 2
Win: panigale
Place: afireventure
Show: daring direction

Race 3
Win: bitter hillside
Place: fool’s luck
Show: yummy friend $50

Race 4
Win: what about lads
Place: fool to be sassy
Show: Pocahontas

Race 5
Win: Meet Mr. Mayhem
Place: city of chance
Show: not enough

Race 6
Win: kinda super
Place: magic silk
Show: sea turn

Race 7
Win: Aomori
Place: lovely Cleo
Show: mighty vessel

Rave 8
Win: Fort Knox
Place: ancient streak
Show: fiendfyre

Rave 9
Win:sky demon
Place: blue innocence
Show: eager lyre

Race 10
Win: away in Hollywood
Place: gotta flutter $100
Show:away victory

Race 11
Win: obscura
Place: infinity stone $100
Show:on darkness wings

Race 12
Win: Dubawi flag
Place: curiousity
Show: zen

Race 13
Win: colonial dawn
Show: sacred city

Race 14
Win: Suzie Que
Place: artful dodger
Show: Indian curlin

Race 15
Win: warrior
Place: fool da vella
Show: like west

Race 16
Win:grey goose
Place:Holy See
Show: bolt from the blue

Race 17
Win:bringing luck
Show:misty rush

Race 18
Win; aedion
Place:faint flower
Show: aussie onyx

Race 19
Win: dementor’s kiss
Place: in no time at all
Show: southern hour

Race 20
Win: tiny motion
Place:timeshift $100

Race 21
Win: fierce light
Place: rain in December
Show: all in the walk

Race 22
Win: brahimy
Place: fine east
Show:cherry port

Race 23
Win: small thing
Place:sunset streak
Show; away from sand

Race 24
Win: Typhoid Mary
Place: Roman candle
Show: some kind of fool

Race 25
Win: Rowena
Place; Verona
Show: teapot dome

Race 26
Win:blushing beam
Show:grand design

Race 27
Win; faded war
Place;hogsmeade wonder $100
Show:double glory

Race 28
Win: glistening design
Place:give my regards
Show: zetland

Race 29
Win: joyous record
Place: immense clock
Show; loud interest

Race 30
Win:honorable demon
Place: quill
Show; Alexandria

Race 31
Win: prospect for gold
Place:immense wind
Show; Devil’s bride $50

Race 32
Win: storm’s ransom
Place:insert name here
Show: green marble

Race 33
Win:light ruler
Show: misty vessel $50

Race 34
Win: chance it all
Place:inquisitive card
Show: stereo’s sponsor

Race 35
Win: usain princess
Place: whimsical impact
Show: beach babe

Race 36
Win: wild spot $250
Place: new species
Show: sparkling flavor

Race 37
Win: shrill holiday
Place:wind runner
Show: plucky card

Race 38
Win:terrific turn
Place: noble trick
Show: spicy regret

Race 39
Win; story’s sponsor
Place: hope dr.
Show: fresh swing

Race 40
Win: snow fool $250
Place:risky games
Show: wooden move

Race 41
Win; gang of demons
Place: material drama
Show: rahy appeal

Race 42
Win:feel the bern
Place: Mea culpa
Show: torch light

Race 43
Win:unruly visitor
Place:Bordeaux $100
Show: her latest flame

Rave 44
Win: Constance
Place: de little engine
Show: brigit

Race 45
Win:wonderful sponsor
Place: eternal train

Race 46
Win;sponsor’s flag
Place: great horned owl
Show:victor’s class

Race 47
Win;catch a wave $250
Place: foolish melody
Show: compass rose

Race 48
Win; victor has it
Place: up here alone
Show:complex record

Race 49
Win: hms resolute
Place: pure poison
Show: whimsical Rake