we sent out 11 and 5 decided to take the day off, I was really surprised at the ones that didn’t come in with a check as they’ve been running well and have had time between races.

[color=red]The Chance 2 Dance-(high chances) 7.5f NW3 Allow,2yo F,Turf - [color=red]2nd
[color=blue]Generous One-15.0f NW3 Allow, 3yo, SC - [color=blue]3rd
[color=red]Boogie Boogie -7.5f NW3 Allow,3yo+, Turf -  [color=red]6th no clue why she didn’t want to run,the track was good
[color=blue]Pharaoh’s Fire(ring of fire)-6.0f Allow,2yo,Turf -  [color=blue]4th
[color=red]Graceful Flames-(ring of fire) 7.0f Allow,2yo,Dirt  [color=red]6th this was a shock she usually runs well
[color=red]Angelic Theory-(I’m your  angel)5.5f Allow,2yo,Turf - [color=red]1st another solid win from my angel baby!
[color=green]Sunday Glory-9.5f Allow,3yo, Dirt - [color=green]4th
[color=red]Molly Girl-(alley cat) 6.5f Allow.2yo,Dirt - [color=red]7th she’s still new and trying to figure her out.
[color=red]Highland Priestess-9.0f Allow,3yo F, Turf - [color=red]2nd
[color=red]Mad Love-7.5f Allow,3yo+, Dirt - [color=red]6th don’t know why she slacked off,didn’t even try
[color=blue]Epic Montage-7.0f Ungr.General Douglas MacArthur,3yo+,Dirt - [color=blue]8th he has been running well , this was not what I expected at all,might be time to see the vet!
11(1)-1-2-1-2 $70,350

Sent out 3. As expected the two year olds were no shows in their respective maidens but [color=red]Blaze Of The Soul surprised us with a win in her NW2 over 9f on turf. All her best work so far has been over 6 or shorter on the dirt.

Nice day for us! 3 out, 2 wins. :slight_smile: Both from babies, too!

[color=blue]Robin Goodfellow (Irish River) won his NW3, so perhaps time to try him in a stakes race again.

[color=red]Perfect Princess (Worth My While) had her debut race over turf, and came home with a win. :slight_smile:

[color=red]Airgead Draiocht could only manage 7th in her allowance.

Similar day for us! :slight_smile:  We also sent out 3 today and came home with 2 wins from babies and a 3rd.

[color=red]Hopes Fight (Nightfight) won her fourth race this year in a nice 70K allowance.
[color=red]Hopes Causeway (Giant’s Causeway) won her NW3 Allowance.
And [color=blue]Kentucky Wildcat (Nightfight) showed in a very crowded NW1.

Six out (because we were feeling adventurous). A good day for the most part, with only a few that didn’t feel like running.

[color=blue]Unbridled Gold placed 3rd in his 9f steeplechase for 3 yo+. I’m falling in love with this horse.

[color=blue]Two Moons placed 3rd in his 11f race for 4 yo+ on turf. I’m already deep in love with this boy, and he’s only raced 3 times. (He’s one of my starters though, so that’s a given).

[color=red]Far Fetched shocked the heck outta everyone when she finished 1st in her 7.5f NW3 allowance for 3yo+ on dirt. The funny thing is that we gave her a few workouts and found out that she “hated her equipment.” She actually wasn’t wearing any equipment, so we put blinders on her. Then, we found out from another jockey that she “could take more weight.” So we put a heavier jockey on her. So she must have liked something we did!

[color=red]Gunningdownlove was a disappointing 11th in her 6.5f NW1 allowance for 2yo’s on dirt. Still obviously haven’t figured her out yet. Or maybe she’s not at her peak yet. Oh well. She still has some growing to do.

[color=red]Seattle’s Dawn was dead last in her 5.5f Allowance for 2yo on turf. Ugh. We’ll just have to keep working on getting her motivated to run.

[color=green]Hakuna Matata was 5th in his 9f steeplechase for 3yo. I think what we did that was stupid was put an F8 on him instead of blinders. Duh.