Pretty nice day


18 11.0f Allowance for 3yo, $65,000 Dirt - Good 2:38.730 [color=red]Aztec Sorceress 1st
30 12.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000 SC - Good 2:28.780 [color=blue]Daryls Joy 1st
30 12.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000 SC - Good 2:28.780 [color=blue]Stride For Stride 2nd
31 7.5f NW2 Allowance for 3yo F, $40,000 Dirt - Fast 1:44.560 [color=red]Oriole 5th
36 13.0f NW2 Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000 Turf - Good 3:20.635 [color=red]Paddy Cake 2nd
40 7.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000 SC - Slow 1:38.210 [color=blue]Dandywine 7th
40 7.0f Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000 SC - Slow 1:38.210 [color=red]Ch. Saramenha  1st   Four seemed too young to stop running, so thankfully she’s taken to steeples
41 9.5f Gr. 1 Beverly D. Stakes for 3yo+ F, $700,000 Turf - Good 2:02.330 [color=red]NCh. Ishka 1st   Wahoo!  ;D Ishka earned her new title with this win
43 12.0f Gr. 2 Del Mar Handicap for 3yo+, $300,000 SC - Fast 2:38.930 [color=red]Ch. Fire of Beltane 2nd A good effort, she always manages a place in stakes
44 8.0f Gr. 2 Del Mar Breeders’ Cup Handicap for 3yo+, $300,000 Dirt - Fast 1:36.105 [color=blue]Ch. Rising Fast 1st   Earned his new title and became MSW
50 7.0f Gr. 1 Beach Shore Stakes for 2yo, $400,000 Turf - Fast 1:33.295 [color=red]Outside The Lines 7th   meh

Nice day! Two fillies leased from Markos already earned their fees.

4yo [color=red]Pan American won a NW1 Allowance for 3yo+, in which 3yo [color=red]Times Of My Life was 2nd. It’s their first race.

5yo [color=red]GCh. Embellished finished 3rd/10 in Set In Her Ways Stakes.

2yo [color=blue]Sin Infierno was 5th/8 in a NW3.

9 out and 4 hit the board but I think we FINALLY had our first stakes win this year!

[color=green]Legal Strategy (6yo, Highland Bandit) won the G2 Del Mar Handicap.

[color=blue]New World Order (2yo, Dark Continent) finished 2nd/11 in his Maiden.

Meh day.

24(10)-3-6-3(1)-2(1) $254,300

[color=red]Faery’s Wish (2yo, Express Yourself) in a NW3.

[color=red]Against the House (2yo, High Chances) in a maiden.

[color=red]Black Magic Woman (3yo, V is for Victory) in a NW2.

[color=red]Amulet (3yo, Smart Strike) in a NW1.

[color=blue]Feel The Fire (2yo, Point Given) in a NW1. Three starts, three places. :wink:

[color=red]American Feeling (4yo, Strider) in a NW3.

[color=blue]Eternal Rock (3yo, Express Yourself) in an open allowance.

[color=blue]Dapper Dan (3yo, Street Wise) in a maiden.

[color=blue]Devil’s Deal (3yo, Seattle Sorcerer) in a NW2.

[color=red]Could Be Charmed (3yo, Silver Charm) in a NW1.

[color=red]Bella Notta (4yo, Crystal Rainbow) in a NW3.

[color=blue]Don’t Pass Go (2yo, V is for Victory) in the Beach Shore Stakes.

All the other stakes ponies flopped. ::)

Just one out. [color=red]Sheza Bandit (4yo Robin Hood) won her maiden. Another that joined us from the Suffolk Stables auction, this was her first racecourse appearance.

Meh day, everyone did well except most of the stakes runners  ::)

[color=red]Phantasmagoria (2yo, Magic Cross) Broke her maiden in her second start, first run on turf! Already earned her purchase price
[color=blue]Snake Caye (3yo, I’m Your Angel) third win in 4 races, time to try a stakes again

[color=blue]First Fight (4yo, Nightfight) in an open allowance. This boy ALWAYS RUNS SECOND! It is driving me a little crazy
[color=blue]Shot In The Dark (2yo, Gimme A Shot) in his second lifetime start. First time on turf
[color=blue]Ch. Elgin (4yo, A.P. Indy) in the Del Mar Breeders’ Cup Handicap. Another horse that ALWAYS runs 2nd!
[color=blue]Unfinished Business (3yo, What’s Your Point) in the GI Travers Stakes. I just threw him in this one and honestly didn’t expect him to do this well. It was a big tough field with many horses who have way more experience then this lightly raced colt

[color=blue]Ch. Criminal Secret (4yo, Foolhardy) in an open allowance. He has lost his Mojo as a 4yo… Hope he didn’t peak at 3! May need to try jumps
[color=blue]Ch. Burn It Down (5yo, Whats Your Point) in an open allowance. He too has slowed with age unfortunately

5 more ponies ran, but aren’t worth mentioning
13(5)-2-4(2)-2-0 $317,500

22(5) 6-3(1)-4-3 $203,000

Upon Request 2/2 this year
Easy Play broke her maiden in 6f nw2 2yo
Ginger Not Blonde 6f nw3
Gambler to Gambler 7f Allow now 4/9 this year FOR SALE only $50,000
Shadowrack 13f nw2
Estrella De Alba 7f nw2

Other highlight was Rougemont 2nd btn nose in G1 Chip Norton Stks, a race he won last year

Two out today with nothing to show for it  :-\

[color=blue]Golden Warrior was 6/6 in an allowance, and [color=red]A Smart Turn was 5/10 in the Set In Her Ways Stakes (Gr. 2).

Also, [color=green]Ch. Tempting Magic broke his leg in a workout and was retired. He’s 7 years old and hadn’t done very well this year, but it was still kind of a bummer.


When did that happen? I recently updated workouts so that career-ending injuries (broken leg/heart attack) shouldn’t happen.

Two of my 3yo colts are still out of commission due to breaking a leg during a 1/2 mile walk. Frustrating! I chalked the first one up to juvenile antics/a freak accident, but the second was not cool…

I can’t wait til the training schedule allows us to set parameters - require A or B energy, for example, or to resume after so long per injury… I’m lazy and don’t follow up with them as often as the script apparently wants me to.

26(18)-6(4)-2(1)-6(6)-6(6) $2,472,250

[color=red]N.Ch. Sand Dune, (4yo, Giant’s Causeway x Dayatthebeach)[/b] in the G1 Arlington Million at Arlington. This is her 4th consecutive win, all SW, the last three being G1W.
[color=red]Ch. Sargasso, (3yo, Spock x Secret Signal)[/b] in the G1 Alabama Stakes at Saratoga.
[color=blue]G.Ch. Calle d’Oro, (3yo, Golden Text x Back Streets) in the G1 Travers Stakes at Saratoga. This is his 5th win this year, all SW, 4 of which were G1W.
[color=red]Ch. My Girl Barb, (4yo, I’m A Classic x Freedom’s Call) in the G2 Set In Her Ways Stakes at Churchill Downs.
[color=blue]Gaudy Night, (3yo, Prince of Wonder x Take the Challenge) in a Claimer at Arlington.
[color=blue]Suspicious Minds, (2yo, Dark Demand x Prince’s Lady) in a Maiden at Calder.

[color=blue]G.Ch. Magic Roundabout, (4yo, Magic Glory x What’s That About) in the G1 Arlington Million at Arlington.
[color=red]Six Geese A-Laying, (2yo, Sixth Day x Making Money) in an NW3 at Woodbine.

[color=blue]N.Ch. Away The Lads, (4yo, Slew O’Scots x Risk Away) in the G1 Arlington Million at Arlington.
[color=red]G.Ch. Knight’s Match, (4yo, Chivalry x Match Me Up) in the G1 Beverly D. Stakes at Arlington.
[color=red]Ch. DreamALilDream, (3yo, Smart Strike x Wonderful Dreams) in the G1 Alabama Stakes at Saratoga.
[color=blue]Ch. Sunset Flight, (3yo, Major’s Flight x Sunset Girl)[/b] in the G1 Travers Stakes at Saratoga.
[color=blue]G.Ch. Executive Dreamer, (4yo, Alley Cat x Executive Session) in the G2 Del Mar Breeders’ Cup Handicap at Del Mar. After 5 wins last year, four of which were SW, including 2 G1W, he is still looking for his first win for this year, having 9 SP in his 10 starts.
[color=blue]G.Ch. Venture His Due, (4yo, Devil His Due x Risky Venture) in the G2 Del Mar Handicap at Del Mar.

[color=red]Ch. Sent to the Devil, (4yo, TakeMeToHollywood x Devil’s Own) in the G1 Beverly D. Stakes at Arlington.
[color=blue]Crowning Victory, (2yo, V is for Victory x Crowning Glory) in the G1 Beach Shore Stakes in Australia.
[color=blue]In A Pickle, (4yo, What’s Your Point x Gilded Discovery) in an OA at Arlington. He is For Sale for $10k.
[color=blue]Fanatic, (2yo, Tottenham Hotspur x Lost Treasure) in an NW3 in Australia.
[color=blue]MagicalMysteryTour, (2yo, Magic Glory x Must be a Mystery) in an NW3 at Arlington.
[color=red]Making A Statement, (2yo, What’s Debatable x Moving Statement) in an NW3 at Calder.

I think it was the 19th, but I’m not positive

Could it be that the two incidents were unrelated but were purely coincidental? In other words, he broke his leg during workouts, and, at the same time, he was randomly “selected” to Retire by the code.

Nope - retirement age (via the code) is in the teens or older.

I think I’ve found the problem and fixed it. I’ll continue to monitor, though.