After a dismal Wednesday we had a much better showing today.

[color=red]Golden Angel continues to make me happy with a 4th. I’m still worried about racing her because of her old injuries, including a bowed tendon, but as long we keep them spaced out and keep her Wraps on she seems to be doing okay.

[color=red]Hawthorne Memory took a 4th as well which is nice to see. It’s not as good as we were expecting because she’s usually places better but she ran and didn’t quit out on us.

[color=blue]Sure N Black took a 1st in his allowance against some intimidating horses which makes me proud. I’m glad his last place at the Queen’s Plate didn’t damage his ego and he still likes to run. I don’t know if he just doesn’t like Stakes or if maybe now that he’s rested he’ll do better in them.

Another pretty good day for Coleman Branch.  Had three boys out today.

[color=blue]The Fugitive finally earned Champion status with a second place finish over 12f.  He’s becoming a consistent runner at longer distances, thank goodness.

[color=blue]Start It Up ran 5th in an 11.5f Allowance on dirt, which isn’t his favorite surface, so we’re still proud. 

[color=blue]War Wizard seems content to avoid the winner’s circle for now with another 2nd place finish (although it was a dead heat) over 12.5f.  It’s a bit too long for him, but England loves those distance races. :slight_smile: 

Don’t think Phantom Smoke is much of a sprinter but he held his own today in the GII Amsterdam coming in a nice 2nd/13.

Had a bunch out today.

Gone Punk went out first in a NW1 and failed miserably, placing last again.

Cryptotrick and Gossipede went out in the same NW2. Gossipede disappointed again, placing 11/12, but Cryptotrick was a big shock as she pulled out a win! Hopefully I’ve finally found some equipment she likes.

Out next in an allowance was Gambler’s Road, who finished in a dead heat with War Wizard. Gambler’s done really well this year, and he’s gonna come home for a nice rest.

Finally out was Say You Will, who apparently does not like the turf and finished on 6/6.

Only had one out today.  She did not do well.

[color=red]BluegrassHoneymoon ran 6th in her 5.5 furlong race.  I think we may try something longer next time, as it seemed like towards the end she was coming up, so we’ll see what happens in a longer one.  This was her second race ever, so maybe the next one will be better.  

Two out today, and both good performances…

[color=blue]Sweety Pumpkin Pie was 2nd/9 in a 12f allowance on the dirt.  He’s proving to be a very consistent runner for us, placing on both dirt and turf, and loving the long distances.  Pretty much been keeping my bank balance afloat single-handedly :wink:

I haven’t quite figured [color=green]Do You Dare out just yet, but this was his best performance since I began leasing him.  He was 5th in a 12f SC allowance.