404 Error Pages

Im getting quite a few 404 error pages, with some pages taking forever to load now. Ive tried accessing my training summary or modifying the view with the filters and get the 404 page. Tried viewing another stables page and got the 404 message. I’ve also gotten it while trying to ship my horses to the track from the shipping page.

I’ve had them too but found that, in most cases, if I refreshed the screen and tried again, it would work the next time.

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Sometimes the refresh works for me, other times I have to close everything and start from the forum and clicking on the stable link again before it works for me

Refresh isn’t working for me - just the same 404 Not Found

I get it constantly when trying to filter my stable by ‘show all’ :thinking: if I select a lesser amount like 100 it generally opens but if you try to click to the next 100 the number defaults back to 25, similar if I try to filter by age, last race etc. So basically I can’t see past my As & Bs in alphabetically order. :pensive:

I managed to fudge my way through by filtering by male or female and then age, either 4+ or 3 year olds on their own.

Took awhile but we got there :sweat:

Same for me also, taking ages to try and do anything
Gave up yesterday

I’m hoping to look into this next week. I beefed up the server specs, but they might need more juice. Sadly the server gives me zero info on what’s actually causing the 404s, just that something is breaking.

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