16(8)-3(2)-2(2)-1(1)-3(2) $345,200

Not bad if you ignore our 2YO’s, 9 out of 10 older horses on the board. Six 2YO’s sent out today, 4 finished second to last in their respective races and the other 2 finished last. Our 2YO’s are off to a very slow start this year, overall, we have only 1 2nd and 1 3rd out of 10 2YO runners so far.

[color=red]Ch. White Hart Lane, (3yo, Tottenham Hotspur) in the G2 Wakeful Stakes.
[color=red]G.Ch. Back St. Flight, (5yo, Major’s Flight) in the Ung Fire Plug Stakes.
[color=red]Torchbearer, (5yo, Foolhardy) [/b] in an NW2.

[color=blue]Ch. Fanatic, (3yo, Tottenham Hotspur) in the G3 Carbine Club Stakes, beaten by a Neck.
[color=red]Tottenham’s Way, (3yo, Tottenham Hotspur) in the G3 Jester Stakes, beaten by 1/4 length.

[color=red]G.Ch. DashingCoronaRose, (5yo, Worth My While) in the Ung Fire Plug Stakes.

My 2yo’s prove that I’m a terrible breeder so far :wink: hope this will change with time. But we had some wins today.

[color=red]GCh. Winter Queen won an open allowance; it was shortly after her last race, but also the only allowance suitable for her within a month or so. Well, at least she can still win and got that GCh. title finally. I guess we’ll find her another allowance before we think of stakes again.

6yo [color=red]Greylin won an 16.0f allowance. I bought her recently from North Oak Farms (thanks!) because of her granddam Dream Girl, which is the only (S/P) reine de course. Greylin didn’t win in the last two years so I’m very happy that her first run for us (and her first start as a 6yo) is a win; shipped her all the way to England for that really long distance.

Then I had three homebreds in one NW1 steeplechase… [color=red]Vanagloria won the race, [color=red]Daralhorra finished 2nd and [color=red]Doridacea was 3rd.

And the 2yo’s…

[color=blue]Principe Serendip finished 4th/11 in a maiden and this was the best result.

[color=red]Hot Money was 7th/11, just like [color=red]Ni Quito Ni Pongo in another race, in which [color=red]Chucheria was 9th/14.

One race doesn’t mean that you are a terrible breeder. In previous years, my 2YO’s have invariably started off slowly but come on pretty strongly as the year went on. In addition, I have found that my [color=blue]Tottenham Hotspur 2YO’s last year didn’t seem to start racing until around Fall and have started this year very well as 3YO’s. I don’t know whether to hold this years crop of 2YO’s from him back until later this year or give them experience and hope that they will do better than last years.

Give them a chance and don’t lose hope.

I would agree with Lewis to a certain extent. Lots of ponies don’t peak at 2 or even 3 so plenty of time for them to show some ability. Five of our homebred 3yos have come out and won already this year (two of those managed a win last year). Our lone 4yo is MSW, MSP now so there’s always hope (he is with Lewis though so maybe doesn’t count  :wink:…)

Not too bad a day for us. Sent out 12 and 9 picked up a paycheque.

[color=blue]Rainbow Hunter (3yo Crystal Rainbow) won his NW3. This was his third win in four starts.

[color=red]Neon Avenue (3yo Chivalry) won her NW1 on her debut.

Both our winners are Clover Springs homebreds.

[color=red]Pieces of Eight (2yo Dixie Time) was 2nd in her NW1.

[color=red]Rahylicious (4yo Rahy) was 2nd in her NW3.

Homebred [color=red]Campaign Trail (2yo Candidate) was 3rd in her NW2.

[color=red]Lasting Time (3yo Lasting Spirit) was 3rd in her NW2.

[color=blue]Free At Last (4yo Highland Wizard) was 2nd in his claimer.

Thanks, Emma and Lewis! I know it’s also a real gamble in the very crowded 2yo races, which are especially crowded in the first half of the year… so far I had only one filly which was obviously losing her speed in her 3rd year, the rest usually gets better as they get older.

The other thing with 2yos, like unraced older horses, is that you don’t really know what surface or distance they’ll do best at or equipment they’ll like. You can guesstimate from parents/older siblings but until they start running it’s impossible to know. Sometimes you get lucky first time but I usually find it’s a case of trial and error. So far, all of my best horses, homebred or otherwise, have been rubbish 2yos and I’d take a Quarren who was pants at 2 but brilliantly consistent at three, four and even five over winning 2yo races any day of the week. But I’ll still run some 2yos, just in case one’s a superstar

Not too bad, I suppose, especially considering entries were done last-minute.

14-2-3-1-1 $36,450

3yo+ - 8-1-2-0-1

[color=blue]Feel The Fire (3yo, Point Given) in a NW2.

[color=red]Black Glitter (3yo, Nightfight) in a NW3.

[color=blue]Dick Tracy (3yo, TakeMeToHollywood) in a maiden.

[color=red]Against The House (3yo, High Chances) in a NW1.

2yo - 6-1-1-1-0

[color=red]Radiant Crown (Ring of Fire) in a NW1.

[color=blue]Truman Capote (Unabridged) in a NW2.

[color=red]Laridae (Major’s Flight) in a maiden.

Just one out today and though he didn’t make it all back on entry fee + shipping cost, [color=blue] Scots Grey finished a solid second in a 2YO NW3 on dirt. Hopefully he doesn’t do what one of last year’s 2YOs did and fail to hit the board the rest of the year, thus crushing my hopes that I can get a decent 2YO lol