We had an amazing day!!

Casual Dating, (3yo, Celtic Star) in NW1 Allowance
Glory Road, (3yo, Dubawi) in a Maiden
Golden Spark, (3yo, Golden Horn) in a NW2 Allowance
Guns Blazing, (2yo, Gunningdownromance) in a NW3 Allowance
I Adore, (3yo, Eighteen Karat) in a NW3 Allowance
New Demand, (3yo, Dark Demand) in an Allowance
Nimbrethil, (3yo, AndLikeThatHesGone) in an Allowance
Space Odyssey, (4yo, Space Chips) in a Claimer
Velvet 'n Lace, (4yo, Sionnach) in a NW3 Allowance

Betty Boop, (4yo, Unabridged) in a NW2 Allowance
Five Quarters, (3yo, Devil’s Walk) in a Maiden
Icy Hot, (3yo, City Upon a Hill) in a Maiden
Khal Drogo, (2yo, To Die For) in a NW3 Allowance
Knight In The Vail, (2yo, Calle de Oro) in a NW3 Allowance

Express Check Out, (4yo, Express Yourself) in NW2 Allowance
Fighting Heart, (2yo, Eighteen Karat) in a Maiden
Foolish Moon, (2yo, Pay the Boatman) in a MW1 Allowance
Lady Fire, (2yo, Devil’s Walk) in a NW1 Allowance
Whisper ofthe Gods, (4yo, Worthy Victor( in a NW1 Allowance

Throw A Fit, (3yo, Dark Demand) in a NW2 Allowance

Also Ran
Good Time Girl, (2yo, Dr. Evil) 6th in a Maiden
Satanic Monarch, (3yo, Gunningdownromance) 6th in a Maiden

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Nice day.

Bird Is The Word (2yo, Starling) in a NW2 Allowance
Articulate (4yo, Express Yourself) in an Allowance
Outlaws For Life (3yo, Quarren) in a NW1 Allowance

Lots Of Love (2yo, Run Jenny Run) in a NW2 Allowance
Forever (4yo, Turnpike Wannabe) in a NW1 Allowance
Ch. Lulworth Cove (5yo, Quarren) in the Eclipse Stakes (Gr. 1)

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New stakes winner in the barn and everyone brought home a cheque including the 2yos!

Tell No One (5yo, Lasting Spirit) in a NW3 Allowance
Fascinated Throne (4yo, Last For More) in an Allowance
Stressful Journey (3yo, Too Stressful) in the Ceasar’s Wish Stakes (Ungr.)

Perilous Appeal (3yo, All That Appeal) in a NW2 Allowance

Mr. Formal Slew (2yo, Formal Occasion) in a maiden
Nosy Illusion (6yo, Last For More) in a Starter Allowance
Ch. First Crystal (5yo, First Born Son) in the Sandown Classic (Gr. 2)

Polar Express (2yo, Express Yourself) in a NW1 Allowance
Ch. Ultramarine (5yo, Strider) in an Allowance
Navy Princess (2yo, Naval Commander) in a maiden
More for Deborah (5yo, Last For More) in an Allowance

Take Me For More (2yo, Last For More) in a NW1 Allowance
Ch. Bullock’s Heart (5yo, Black Cherry) in an Allowance

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Great day!

Fascinated Wind (4yo, Created) in a NW2 Allowance
Citadel (5yo, Dark Continent) in an Allowance by 7 1/4 lengths!

Tretar (6yo, Doodles) in a NW2 Allowance
Ch. Petite Princess (5yo, Eighteen Karat) in an Allowance


Hokusai (2yo, Ducati) in a NW2 Allowance
Ĺąrebak (3yo, Al Mundhir) in a NW1 Allowance
Janosik (3yo, Strike It Rich) in a NW1 Allowance

Grafika (3yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW2 Allowance
Ch. Blitzschnell (4yo, Quintet) in a NW3 Allowance
Fräulein Schläfrig (4yo, I’m No Fool) in a claiming race

Rapid Idea (4yo, Black Light II) in an Allowance
Urok (3yo, Space Chips) in an Allowance
Eremita (3yo, Space Chips) in the Bristol Novices (Gr. 2)

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Another great day!

Bimbijy (3yo, Beau Esprit) in a NW2 Allowance - won by 8 3/4 lengths so we might try a stakes next.

Holy Roman Empire (3yo, Von Lichtenstein) in a NW1 Allowance

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Not bad at all. Only one also-ran, which is decent compared to how a lot of our horses have been running lately :sweat_smile:

Cotopaxi (5yo, Chivalry) in a NW2 Allowance

Yavanna (6yo, Strider) in a NW2 Allowance
Higher Ground (5yo, Usain Bolt) in a claiming race

Little Dreamer (4yo, Moonopoly) in a NW2 Allowance
Night Magic (3yo, Ancient Magic) in a NW2 Allowance
Jamais Vu (5yo, Dixie Time) in a NW2 Allowance
Protocol (4yo, Gotta Go) in a maiden

Polite Cream (5yo, Animal Kingdom) in a NW1 Allowance
Cold Dark Heart (3yo, Dr. Evil) in a NW1 Allowance

Also Rans:
Scribbles (6yo, Doodles) 7th in a maiden

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