4/1 Updates

Lots of behind-the-scenes code upgrades. In theory no functionality should change, in reality lots of stuff might be broken. :wink:

Also, I’m a bit stumped on what to work on next - what would you guys like to see (of existing functionality)?

To do list includes: auctions, booking breedings, doing breedings (generating foals), claiming, etc.

Auctions might be interesting. What sort of new features (if any) did you have in mind?

Oooh generating foals… are the genetics going to be different?

Trying not to add (m)any new features for now - that’s why stuff like shipping took forever.

My goal is to replicate the current (less awesome) setup, switch over to use the beta for real, and then add in all the bells & whistles.

(As for bells & whistles for auctions in particular - adding alerts, certainly, and pre-bids so you can enter your max bid before the auction starts. Not sure what else.)

I may add in extra colours/markings genetics, but stats for racing/breeding will be the same.

Booking breedings would be great - it would be nice if it didn’t let you request a breeding to an already filled spot, or at least alerted you to the fact that the slot was technically not available…

It’s been a pain from both the stallion owner and mare owner side of things.

As a stallion owner, I try to send an apology PM and list of still open dates when I have to click that “Deny” button, but not everyone does that.

As a mare owner, I’ve had mares sitting & waiting for a response for a month, nearly, just to find out the spot never was open.

Yeah, I definitely want to dramatically overhaul the booking process - it’s way too error-prone right now.

Oh thank goodness!
Arranging and approving bookings is already tricky enough!  :stuck_out_tongue: