2yr old filly

I have a 2yr old Filly [color=red]It’s All Mine
that broke her leg in training. I’ve read before that after a year or so rest that a horse can come back from an injury like this and still have a racing career.

I myself don’t want to deal with this right now, nor do I want to wait 2 years for her to be a broadmare. So she is up for sale.

I’m not so sure about an asking price, since she does have a broken leg and is unraced but I will entertain any and all offers, just send me a message.


Most people when they don’t want to deal with rehabbing a horse with a broken leg most generally give them away… I know several have given them away and the horse has come back to race quite successfully… She has created bloodline thus an unknown… so someone buy her would be taking a large risk that she could come back and race well… and then also prove a top producer… they will also have to pay taxes on her until she can begin to race again…

Those are just a few of my concerns on actually selling her…

Thank You for all the replies and offers. The horse has been sold.