2yo Auction?

Just an FYI that the 2yo auction is slated to run tomorrow, but has no horses consigned.  I understand that Shanthi is super busy and it’s either at the bottom of her to do list, or just hasn’t hit on her radar yet.  Just hoping that by catching this early, we can avoid any problems that might have arisen. 

I’m not sure what solution Shanthi might have in mind, but I wouldn’t be adverse to just pushing back the starting date by a week or so, if that makes things easier.

Not that I need any more 2yos.

I wanted to ask, but didn’t want to sound pushy or redundant if it was already posted somewhere (that I have yet to find yet).

I agree, especially with the last sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

This week was completely insane for me work-wise.  I should be able to get the auction up in a day or so, but it’s probably better/easier to just postpone it a week so that everyone knows when bidding starts and so on.

So the 2yo auction will officially start on March 8, not March 1.

Horses have been consigned. :slight_smile:  Enjoy.

giggles I finally recognize a couple of ponies with peds I submitted.  Is it wrong to be sorta proud of gems like these?

Runs With Scissors (sadly, a gelding)

I’m kinda sad I can’t use some of the names in their peds.  I’ve always wanted a horse by the name of “Ouch,” “Eats Paste,” or “Swiftonthreelegs.”

Oh well…just means I need to be more creative.  =)  Hope they get some nice homes.

That’s just priceless ;D I still wince thinking about it though.



Apparently, it didn’t work out for him too well.

I was just browsing through the catalog… poor Pantomine carried 5 Cats in the Bag foals in 2010, she must have been huge  :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait til the auction!

I see a bunch of names submitted in the auction as well, but I think Runs With Scissors takes the cake for greatest name  :wink:

Ahhh they’re all so tiny  :smiley:

Theres a few that are pretty big tho. I noticed a 16+ hand filly. She’s gonna be huge!! lol

You’re right actually there’s a 17 hand colt too. I guess I just randomly clicked on all the 14.2 hand and under ones when I first looked lol

i know its crazy!! I have 4yos that are barely 15 ish hands. lol  :stuck_out_tongue:

ok a little bored here. lol So here it is:

4 colts over 17.0H-2 Fillies
Largest Horse is 17.2H Filly.
Smallest-13.1H Multiple horses