2022 Prizes

2022 prizes have been awarded, give a shout if you don’t have a prize offer and/or budget entry. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a prize offer or a change in budget - I’m assuming I should be able to see this on my stable overview page?

Me neither.

Drat. OK, I’ll need to restore the CW stuff (assuming I can) and re-run things.

Are they OK now?

Yes, thank you!

Worked, thanks! I claimed Ch. Sky Heights.


Thanks Shanthi!

Is there a way to politely decline both CW horse offers? :sweat_smile: None are catching my eye so I’d be happy with just taking the cash and running.

I’ve deleted your offers.

Meant to post here but I’m REALLY excited to have claimed gold-ranked NCh. Untamed Horizons. She is grand-dam to our own 4yo SW Louboutin, who is on lease to Black Storm West.

Untamed Horizon’s is dam to MSWs: NCh. Uncharted (S), GCh. Windswept Moors, & Ch. Wild Horizons as well as SWs Untamed Starz & Ch. For the Ages.

She’s currently in foal to Chivalry. Looking forward to Color War this year!