2022 Mixed Auction

June 30-July 14


FF horses should be consigned this weekend, but feel free to consign your own now.

So excited!

So excited to get a mixed auction this year!

I’m so excited I finally got the consignment script to behave. :wink:


It’s not quite behaving - there’s two of my broodmares in there that I haven’t consigned :frowning: I’ve removed them both.

Thanks for the head’s up, [member=3125]imagine[/member]. Should be fixed now.

Purchase limit has been increased to 8 horses. :slight_smile:

Purchase limit has been increased to 15 horses. Since I meant to increase the limit earlier this week I’ve also extended the auction by a few days. :slight_smile:

I’m SOL to bid, but noticed the max is still 8. :slight_smile:

Fixed now - it does help to actually click the button to run the database update. :wink: