2022 2yo auction - How’d you do?

Maxed out on the one purchase and was lucky enough to get my top choice (sorry Cat!).

[color=blue]COOL THUNDER
By Golden Text out of NCh Set The Sails (G) (What’s Debatable). Half brother to NCh Nightwatchman, GCh Set The Stride and stakes winners Bellagio’s Girl and Wind In My Sails. Both other half siblings to race are winners. The same sire/broodmare sire cross has produced NCh Damn U Autocorrect. Hopeful this little guy might have some talent on the track.

He was my top pick too! But I got a number of others from my wishlist… still waiting on one.

I’m not very lucky in these 2yo auctions; my last year’s purchase, Thom Browne is now consigned to a Clicker Lab Auction which starts on March 18th. Maybe these guys will stay longer:

[color=red]Super Deer - my favourite because of name :stuck_out_tongue: by Deep Impact, out of gold ranked Golden Romance (Romeo). Her half brother GCh. Dragon Heart had one start as 2yo and that was a win. We’ll wait till end of May with her, although she already reached her minimum height.
Price: $36,000

[color=blue]Awesome Stream - 16.0h strawberry roan colt by GCh. Simply Heroic, out of unraced but gold ranked Fortunate Color. He will do some training now and maybe run in the summer.
Price: $25,500

[color=blue]Neat Heat - 15.1h dark bay colt by WCh. I’m Your Angel, out of ICh. Eternal Lady. He had his birthday almost a month ago but still should grow some more, so we’ll wait. Sire and dam seemed best as 4yo - 5yo’s.
Price: $15,500

[color=red]Wiry Feeling - 16.0h black filly by WCh. As You Wish out of NCh. Enyo. Her dam joined Clicker Lab after 2020 Select Auction. She was a 2yo stakes winner and we’ll see if her daughter can do that too.
Price: $1,000

[color=red]Green Hour - 15.3h bay filly by WCh. Strider (G), out of GCh. Making Magic.
Price: $1,000

Like Emma, we maxed out on our #1 choice right away.

We selected [color=blue]Fuzzy Square, by [color=blue]FFCh. Foolhardy § out of [color=red]ICh. Fightin’ The Smoke.

[color=blue]Foolhardy’s record speaks for itself, both racing and breeding, and we were privileged to have owned him for his last two years at Stud before his death in 2021.

This is [color=red]Fightin’ The Smoke‘s first foal but we already own two of her half-siblings out of [color=red]WCh. Smokin’, one of which, [color=blue]GCh. Fool To Be Smokin’, has recently qualified for Stud. Hopefully [color=blue]Fuzzy Square will follow in his footsteps.

I confess, I have a bad habit of bidding based on names. :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=red]Complex Feather - 15.0 black filly by Hidden Destiny out of Escape (What’s It Worth). Last year I was highly amused by winning a colt named Dangerous Feather, so I had to continue my Feather trend this year. :wink:

[color=blue]Living Sleet - 16.2 black colt by As You Wish out of I’m A Golden Girl (I’m A Classic). With both parents MSW millionaires who now have silver breeding rankings, I don’t actually care what this one is named!

[color=red]Wrathful Frame - 14.2 bay filly by Hogwarts out of Idlewild (Jazz It Up). First living foal from her dam, and Hogwarts has no offspring on the track yet, but she has a big white face and a funny name so what’s not to love?

[color=red]Clear Afternoon - 14.3 grey filly by Hogsmeade out of Lexy Perplexy (created). This one is a nostalgic purchase: I owned her dam when I played FF previously.

I also went mostly on names this year. :slight_smile:

[color=blue]BRAVE LEOPARD
Animal Kingdom x Mountain Poems (B)
Total gamble, half his siblings are winners. May be a super late bloomer (one older brother didn’t win until age 9!). $1,000

[color=blue]LIGHT KEY
FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) x East Meets West (B)
Another gamble, though his winning siblings did well at a younger age. $10,500

[color=red]GENTLE MEMORY
WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S) x Judelovesjade (B)
Can’t resist Crystal Rainbow. Also half-sister to SW Zharat Dubai, and all her other raced siblings are winners. $1,000

[color=red]SAVVY OWL
NCh. Carrowmore (B) x Ch. Make My Night - Easy Goer (B)
Dam was a MSW on the track, oldest sibling to race is a winner. $1,000

Actually scored 4 of my top 5 picks, so quite happy!

14.3hh filly by NCh. Lasting Spirit out of Lady of Honour (Romeo). She is half to MSW and multi-millionaire [color=blue]GCh. Bracton who needs 1 SW to qualify for stud, platinum-ranked [color=red]Ancient Honour (dam of NCh. Ancient Magic), 1 gold-ranked mare and 2 silver-ranked–so if the racing career doesn’t pan out, the breeding should! I’ve always had great luck with Lasting Spirit offspring so very happy to have her. A bit of a steal at $51,500.

[color=blue]SUNSTRUCK FLAG
16.2hh colt by WCh. Gotta Go out of NCh. American Rhapsody (NCh. Secretary). Half to 8 winners from 11 runners including MSW [color=green]Ch. National Dream, Dam was MSW/multi-millionaire but SC-savvy so we’ll see what he does. $30,500.

[color=blue]JEDBURGH ABBEY
16hh colt by GCh. Worthy Victor out of Ch. Celtic Cross (Tiznow). I’ve liked my Worthy Victor foals, and Tiznow is shaping to be a very nice broodmare sire. Dam is MSP and she has 1 winner, 1 placed, from 2 runners. Celtic Cross didn’t hit her best until 3 and her one winning foal didn’t break his maiden until 4, so he might be a late bloomer. Bought for $1,000.

[color=red]KEEN SUNSHINE
14.3hh filly by GCh. Dixie Time out of Sealed With a Kiss (NCh. Highland Wizard). Half to 3 winners from 4 runners with 3/4 FF-owned/campaigned, so not bad. Dam is half to 5 MSW’s including [color=blue]NCh. Robin Hood, [color=blue]ICh. Sleipnir, [color=red]NCh. Laird’s Own, and [color=red]GCh. Airgead Draí­ocht. Dixie Time is retired now but he’s managed 51% winners despite several inactive foals. Bought for 1k.

[color=red]SIMPLE IRIS
14hh filly by GCh. Superdocious out of Classified (NCh. Government Secret). Only raced half-sib hit the board 13/15 times before being retired early at 3. Government Secret is silver-ranked as broodmare sire, and dam is half to silver-ranked Honour. Damline mostly unproven but Superdocious is out of Whistlin’ Dixie, who has produced 4 MSW’s from 9 runners with her oldest being silver-ranked – very hopeful of Superdocious as a sire. Bought for 1k.

There’s a few I’d love to take home if the bidding limits expand, but I’m very happy with the ones I did get. Most will stay at the farm and grow some more.

Shelbie - 3 of your 5 (Terrific Cover, Jedburgh Abbey and Simple Iris) were on my back-up list in case I had been unsuccessful with Fuzzy Planet. Anyway, good luck with them.

Nice to know I have good taste then, haha. My fifth top pick, Distinct View, just got too rich for me while trying to secure the others.

Maxed out for this little beauty

Steady Phoenix
FIlly by  I’m No Fool (S) x Highland Gold §

As a newbie with a fastly diminishing bank account my main goal was to get some nice, cheap horses to campaign. I did look into their lines, but mostly they’re big guesses haha.

[color=blue]Ancient Temper
WCh. Sponsored x Ch. Irish Radiance (Ch. Irish River)
It’s Sponsored’s first crop, so we’ll have to wait and see. 2/3 racing foals of his dam are FF owned, so no real indication there either. However, Irish Radiance is 1/2 to NCh. Gazelle(S), GCh. Starzen and WCh. Strider, as well as 2 other silver/gold ranked mares, so hopefully there’s some talent in this colt.

ICh. Gunningdownromance (S) x GCh. Lonesome Lover (B) (Lonesome Glory)
Lonesome Lover has 4 racing foals who are all winners and the same Sire/BM sire cross has produced 3 champions, so this seemed like a good one. Also liked his name, so there’s that.

[color=red]Colorful Throne
NCh. Worthy Victor x Dint Bodgit (S)
Another young sire and dam with mainly FF-owned foals (not sure how she’s silver ranked). We’ll see how she fares.

[color=blue]Green Marble
NCh. Player (S) x Ch. Crosspoint (Point Given)
First foal out of his dam, but there’s some solid otb performers in his lines, so hopefully he can bring in some cash as well. Expecting a late bloomer though, so maybe not the best bet for getting some money fast, haha.

Chikamatsu was another big target but alas. Good luck with him!

Got my two top picks, and obviously a couple other horses I don’t need but couldn’t resist, haha.

[color=red]Lingering Test
16.0hh Bay Filly by WCh. As You Wish (S) and out of GCh. Deep of the Night (Nightfight). This girl was one of my top picks and I’m interested to see how she’ll be considering she is her dam’s only foal as of now. Her dam was a multi-millionare and was on the board for all 8 of her stakes races as a 2yo, and remained fairly successful till she was 4. She also has a SW & MSP, 3/4 sibling, [color=green]Ch. Bringdownthehammer, so I’m really crossing my fingers here. Bought for $1000.

[color=blue]Outspoken Rain
15.3hh Chestnut Colt by WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S) and out of Ch. Rahy’s Star (S) (Rahy). My other top pick. Out of his two 1/2 siblings that are racing and not owned by FF, one is a MSW and the other is MSP. His dam did her best as a 2yo, though Crystal Rainbow was a late bloomer so we’ll see who this guy takes after. Bought for $50,500.

[color=red]Addicting Answer
15.1hh Bay Filly by NCh. The Fighting Fifty (B) and out of Always A Hayday (No Duplicate). Mostly picked this girl up because her dam is a daughter of the great Miss Hayday. Currently out of Miss Hayday’s 5 daughters with racing foals, 1 is bronze rank, 1 is silver rank, and 2 are gold rank. Hopefully the strong dam line continues to this girl. Bought for $1000.

[color=blue]Breezy Island
15.3hh Bay Colt by NCh. Carrowmore (B) and out of Ch. Not Debatable (What’s Debatable). This one I’ll admit, it’s mostly the name. Especially since a Breezy Island sounds great compared to a nor’easter ridden New England right now :wink: Bought for $1000.

[color=red]Fiery Angel.
15.2hh Dark Bay Filly by ICh. Doodles (B) and out of York Peppermint (B). This filly was a sentimental purchase. When I played FF before, I owned her 1/2 brother, RunRabbitRun, who was one of my favorites. He wasn’t a spectacular racer, but almost always brought home a paycheck which was much appreciated. This girl seems like she’ll be more of a late bloomer so I’ll probably hold off on running her until next year. Bought for $1000.

I had set an alarm on my phone for this auction on its original date but forgot to set the new date, so I completely missed out on my top picks. Decided to pick up some cheap fillies instead (as if I need more horses). I think these little ladies should at least break even by the time all is said and done.

[color=red]Cape Hatteras
14.2hh dark bay filly by Deep Impact x Ch. Simple Success
Her two older half brothers are both winners, so we’ll see if she can pull that off as well.
Purchased for $1000

[color=red]Previous Frost
16.0hh grey filly by Invasor (S) x Ch. Ain’t I Pretty (B)
4/6 of her half siblings on the track are winners. The other two are owned by FF, so I kinda give them a pass. Mom did best in her 3YO year, but Frost is already pretty big so I might consider giving her an early start to see how she does.
Purchased for $1000

[color=red]Amusing Spell
14.3hh dapple grey filly by ICh. Long Live The King (S) x Nothin Ventured (B)
I own 3 LLTK sons already. None of them are superstars, but they’re mostly consistent runners, so not bad. Mom only has one runner to her name, and that one’s a winner, plus she wasn’t even run until she was 4 and she did well enough, so I’m hoping Spell will at least hold her own.
Purchased for $1000

[color=red]Regular Profit
15.2hh strawberry roan filly by GCh. Tottenham Hotspur (S) x Is She High (B)
Picked this one up because I own another TH filly who has run really well for me. Mom has produced 6 winners, though she herself never won anything, so it’ll be a toss-up as to how Profit will do.
Purchased for $1000

[color=red]Whimsical War
15.0hh chestnut filly by ICh. City Upon a Hill x Lady Liberty
Only the second foal from Lady Liberty, and older brother is unplaced, so there’s no telling how this girl will do. Neither mom nor dad showed interest/were raced before age 3, so this year we may just focus on training for her.
Purchased for $1000

Decided to stay away from the horses I knew would go for $$$, and picked up 2 from our own stallions. All were a steal for $1k.

[color=red]Dear Thing
Dappled Grey Filly, Last for More x Clear as Crimson (S)
Not a terrible name considering! Half to SP Red Light. I don’t have foals from Last for More, so

[color=blue]Troubled Wall
Bay Colt, Gunningdownromance (S) x Beach Bag (B)
Decided to try out some GDR offspring again after doing his write up. They usually don’t like me but we’ll see.

[color=red]Flashy Tree
Bay Filly, Gunningdownromance (S) x Baby Got Back (B)
Mostly got this filly because of the mare’s name ahaha I really wish we could change their names! So many ideas!!

[color=red]Solid Thread
Flea-bitten Grey Filly, Belanso (S) x Superstitious (S)
Couldn’t pass up a Belanso filly out of a silver ranked mare. Half to SW Tambourine Man and SP In A Tizzy

[color=red]Overjoyed Arch
Black Filly, Silver Wizard (S) x Smoke n Shadows (S)
Another filly I had to get because I own the stud and I liked the mare. Has 3 SP siblings so hopefully a good runner.

Emma, no worries! I have way too many racehorses as it is but he was way too pretty to pass up. Good luck with Cool Thunder!

Not sure why, but I picked up 3 more.

[color=red]Careless Question, dark bay 16hh filly by ICh. Doodles out of Reality Impaired. Both parents seem to be late bloomers and despite her size, I’ll probably aim her for summer/early fall races. From four of her raced half-sibs, 3 are FF-owned/campaigned with 1 unraced since 3 and another unraced in the last 2 years so hard to say what she’ll do, but dam was very consistent. I liked her name! Bought for 1k.

[color=red]Gorgeous Candle, strawberry roan 16hh filly by NCh. Lucky Streak out of Spectacular Dawn, by Spectacular Bid. One of my top choices, so happy to pick her up in the second round. Only raced half-sib was a winner, but Spectacular Bid is gold-ranked as broodmare sire. Lucky Streak has several MSW’s for his oldest crop only being 4, so I’m hopeful. Plus I’m a sucker for strawberries. Paid $2500.

[color=blue]Wishful Victory, 14.2hh dark bay colt by NCh. Celtic Star out of Gilded Wings. Very flashy with four stockings. Hard to say what he will do, as only 2 of his 4 half-sibs have raced and both have been FF owned with the oldest having gone inactive at 3, but 1 was a winner and the other placed. Celtic Star seems to throw 3/4yo’s going classic distance, which seems to be what Gilded Wings did as well. Worth a shot at 1k.