2021 Denoux Stud - NCh. Painted Raven, ICh. Belanso, & NCh. Silver Wizard

[align=center][color=navy][font=georgia]NCh. Painted Raven[/font]
2012 Black Stallion; 15.1hh
NCh. Slew O’Scots (S) x Painted Desert (S)
Breeder’s Cup nominated for 2021
Leasing from Gant’s Farm for 2021[/align]

Race Record
48(28): 12(9) - 10(2) - 7(5) - 1 || $1,927,700

Notable Achievements
Nominated for 2017 Steeplechase Horse of the Year
WON: King George VI Chase [G1], Paddy Power Gold Cup [G3], Spring Gold Cup [G3], Ascot Gold Cup [G1], Champion Hurdle [G1], Vosburgh Stakes [G1],
PLACED: San Luis Obispo Handicap [G2], Sparkford Chase [G2]
SHOWED: The Grand National [G3], Joe Aitcheson [G3], Breeders’ Cup SC Classic [G3], Secret of Love Stakes [G1], Breeders’ Cup SC Endurance[G1]

By NCh. Slew O’Scots (S):

Out of Painted Desert (S):

  • Sired by Northern Slew
  • Dam of Ch. Londesborough MSW
  • 100% Winners from Racers, 44% Stakes Winners, 22% Multi Stakes Winners

Oldest crop are yearlings.

Standing for $15,000 LFG

[center][color=navy][font=georgia]ICh. Belanso[/font]
2010 Flea bitten grey Stallion; 15.1hh
Created x Created

Standing for $5,000

[center][color=navy][font=georgia]NCh. Silver Wizard[/font]
2009 Grey Stallion; 17.0 hh
NCh. Highland Wizard (S) x Silver Wind (S)

Standing for $5,000

Can I please have the following?

Meldoniel - Feb 1B
Rahy’s Star - March 1A
Quiet Silhouette - May 1B

Can I get a Mar 2 and Mar 3 spot for him? No idea on the mares yet.

Can I gat an April 1 spot for Club Liquid please?


All added!

can I get the Feb 2B? I’ll get back to you as to which mare I will send.thank you

May I get Mar 3b yo Painted Raven for Detour

Figured out the mares.

Mar 2 - Titanium Angel
Mar 3 - Snowflake

Thanks :slight_smile:

May I get May 1a for Idolized
              Aug 1b for Frolic With Flames

I have figured out the mare sorry for the delay.

Dynamyte thank you

I’d like to swap Snowflake for India please. Same slot. :slight_smile:

Can I get any April slot please? Haven’t decided on mare

Painted Raven, Belanso, and Silver Wizard have plenty of slots open for the rest of June, July & August! If you book for the last few remaining, I’ll take 10% off their stud fees, I’ll be sure to check their bookings and change the fee manually!