2021 2yo Auction - How'd you do?

I was expecting to bid the max amount on any of my favourites, with so many nice I’m No Fool 2yo’s. The first one I lost to Generous Bloodstock, but the next was successful - and he was actually my first choice so maybe that was meant to be.
As for my 2020 2yo’s from the auction, they didn’t do much - I sold two and retired two.

[color=blue]Thom Browne - 16.2h bay colt by FFCh. I’m No Fool, out of NCh. Ilsaheri (WCh. King David). His dam has the 2015 Older Mare Eclipse Award and many speed records on turf. The boy has an amazing pedigree so I hope he’ll do well on the track.
Thom Browne is my first colt by I’m No Fool - but I have five yearling fillies by him.

Sorry about that Hilda!  :-[ Good Luck with the Colt though, he’s lovely.

We only came home with one and we were very lucky it was our top choice in [color=red]Moncler. By I’m No Fool, she’s the first foal for ICh Gal From Seattle (Seattle Slew). Dam was a MSW on dirt and turf so we’re hopeful her daughter has some talent.

Lost out of many top choices went out of my price range or I had to choose some horses over others due to spending limit. However I am still very excited for two purchases!

Most excited for [color=blue]Martini Night (WCH. Nightfight x Irish Star, by Ch. Irish River). Dam is MSP and half to 4 MSW’s, 3 SW’s, and 2 SP’s including multi-winner Morning Magic (dam of 4 SW’s from 4 runners). He’s bred on the same Sire/Broodmare Sire combo as NCh. Fight The Twilight. A steal at 24k.

[color=red]Addicting News (NCh. Yes It’s Paddy (B) x Rite of Spring (S), by Planet Hollywood). Half to 3 winners from 3 runners including a SW and SP. Dam is MSP and half to MSW Ch. National Dream. Bought for 1k.

[color=blue]Hypnotic Ghost (Sea the Stars x Ch. Darq Queen, by The Black). Sea the Stars is still a fairly new sire, but he does have a handful of winners and a few SP/SW foals. Dam is MSW but with 5 SC speed records so he may lean towards SC vs. flat, we’ll see. Hypnotic Ghost is the only foal for his dam, and the damline is fairly unproven. Bought for 20.5k.

[color=blue]Gifted Heart (WCh. Strike it Rich (S) x Black Queen (S), by Black Legend) is half to SP Holy Queen. From the same family as MSW Ch. Bye Sweetie, SW Ch. Undebatable (dam of 2 MSW’s), MW’s Last Loser (dam of 2 MSW’s) and The Princess (dam of MSW Ch. Hollywood Royalty). I realized I somehow had no Strike it Rich foals so I knew I had to add him to the string. Bought for 1k.

I have one more bid still out. Not too much damage in terms of $$$. Definitely bought more colts than I originally planned!

I lost out on a few of the ones I wanted, but decided I really wanted Louboutin. I still ended up with some other great picks. Hoping the limit increases because I leave for my honeymoon on Sunday and I have my eye on a few more.

FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) x NCh. Uncharted (ICh. Count Me In)
First foal for Uncharted who is a MSW and MM who placed in the Breeder’s Cup Mile in 2016. She also has a speed record on the turf, and is half to MSW & MM GCh. Windswept Moors and Wild Horizons.

[color=red]HAPPY SPARK
ICh. Worth The Wait (S) x Ch. Cha Cha Baby (Easy Goer)
Second foal for Cha Cha Baby who is MSP and half to MSW GCh. Peer to Peer and SW Ch. Gambler to Gambler. 

[color=blue]CLASSY VICTORY
NCh. In The Navy x Ch. Silencia
Just starting to be a fan of In the Navy, looks like his first crop is shaping up to be pretty successful, so I wanted to pick up another 2yo by him. Half to SP Bachata.

[color=red]RIGHT LAKE
WCh. Express Yourself (G) x 28 Days (B)
I actually didn

I haven’t been around enough in recent years to have a good grasp on bloodlines, so I went with a) what I could afford, b) what looked decent, and c) their names. :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=red]Sunny Wine (Beau Esprit x Choreographer) - although she never ran, Choreographer has 7 winners out of 7 foals who have raced. Hopefully this one isn’t the first disappointment!

[color=blue]Dangerous Feather (Strike It Rich x Gone Punk) - I confess, I really just wanted to own a horse named Dangerous Feather.

[color=blue]Soft Sun (ICh. Chivalry x Prospector’s Cat [Storm Cat]) - dam has 9 winners out of 9 racing foals. Seemed worth the $1k. :slight_smile:

Kieran, I love picking horses based on name. :wink:

The naming robot did well with Dangerous Feather.

That sounds as good a method for choosing horses as any other. Good luck with your new purchases!

We selected 6 but lost one pretty early as it went to the maximum bid fairly quickly. Were successful with the others though, Selection of the first three were influenced by the fact that their sires were/are Starfish stallions:-

[color=red]Precious Event ([color=blue]GCh. Tottenham Hotspur x [color=red]Sugar High) - selected her because both sire and dam were Silver ranked - $15.5k.

[color=blue]Blushing Credit ([color=blue]ICh. First Born Son x [color=red]Ch. Can’t Buy Justice) - $1k.

[color=red]Silky Chum ([color=blue]ICh. Magic Glory x [color=red]Vixen) - $1k.

[color=blue]Capircious Clover ([color=blue]FFCh. High Chances x [color=red]Brazen Success) - selected because of his sire - $1k. [Shanthi - I don’t suppose you would be willing to change his first name? I suspect that the name was mispelled and should be Capricious Clover, although, as it was a FF bred horse, I guess that the name was selected by the naming robot - can’t find any definition of Capircious though].

[color=blue]Jaded Prodigy ([color=blue]Ch. Mr. Townsend x [color=red]Take Your Chances) - the dam is a daughter of one of our broodmares, silver ranked [color=red]Thinking of Dreams - $1k.

Have our eye on one more if it is still available when the limit increases.

Lewis - thanks for that, renamed the relevant ponies and fixed the typo for the naming robot.

Thanks. That makes a lot more sense now.

Snagged 5 because…the buying addiction is real.  It seemed a shame to let such good ponies sit unclaimed.  I think I came home with a lot of talent (fingers crossed).

[color=red]ARROGANT HEAT, filly by Invasor {S} out of Ch. Silk and Ivory (created).  Her dam is a MSW who set two speed records (8f and 9f turf) at age 3.  Invasor is also proving to be quite a sire as well, so I think we’ve got a lot of potential here.  $1,000

[color=blue]DEEP ICE, colt by GCh. My Lucky Day {S} out of Ch. Queen Anne (by Bold Ruler {G}).  His dam was a G1 winner who set a speed record at 10.5f at age 4.  He is 3/4 to GCh. Firefoot, who is now a gold-ranked broodmare. $1,000

[color=red]MASSIVE KITTEN, filly by NCh. Robin Hood {S} out of Affairsoftheheart {B} (by Bold Ruler {S}).  This filly is 1/2 to MSW Ch. Never Let Go.  Dam is ranked bronze but has a rating of 7.0, which is actually quite high.  Robin Hood had a short but very successful stint as a breeding stallion, so I’m excited to have a youngster of his to race.  $43,000

[color=red]MATERIAL LAWYER, filly by NCh. Player {S} out of Ch. Katan Na Oishii (by Rahy {S}).  Her dam is a MSW at ages 2 and 3, and Player has been pretty stellar at stud.  $1,000

[color=red]GIGANTIC CLOVER, filly by ICh. Ring of Fire {S} out of Constant Threat {S} (by Irish River {G}).  Her dam set two speed records (11f and 12f over dirt) at age 3.  Ring of Fire is no slouch in the shed, and this filly is 1/2 to SW Ch. Constant Spur.  $5,500

Ugh so real, it’s awful! (but fun!)

Ditto. Horses I suddenly had zero interest in before the auction I’m staring at for when the limits increase.

I really don’t need anymore ponies so why did I have to go and look at the 2yo auction? why?..
well i did and came home with FIVE!!
please do not raise the number limit I have too many 2yos already  :astonished:
got some nice ones though.
i wanted an “I’m No Fool” baby but they went out of my price range pretty quick so I set my sights on a “Nightfight” one instead and was surprised to get two of them.
first up was [color=red]Honored Engagement a flea bitten grey filly out of GCh. Engaging a MSW, MSP multi-millionaire who had a brilliant 2yo season. i’m hoping a bit of that will rub off onto her daughter.
Next was [color=red]Goesbumpinthenight a bay filly by GCh Lucky Danzig. SW and MSW, she had a solid racing career from 3 - 5 years old. Goesbumpinthenight is her first foal.
[color=red]Sudden Surprise Dark bay filly by Frankel x Ch. Atsa Pretty Muffin (B) a MSW/MSP by Crossroads. she has 3 winners from 3 racers, hoping this one follows suit.
[color=blue]Long Moon Brown colt by WCh. Crystal Rainbow x Ch Our Polly.  Crystal Rainbow is my own retired stallion so I was happy to find one of his foals available. Our Polly is MSW/MSP and was raced only by FF so could have been better than her record suggests
Finally (I hope…)  [color=blue]Rainy Charm black colt by NCh. Painted Raven x Ch. Peace Offering. Just liked the name on this one!

Went back for one more.

[color=blue]Coastal Cake is by NCH. French Ruby out of Ch. Fleet Natalie, by Count Fleet (S). Dam is MSP and earned over 300k, half to 3 SP’s and 1 SW. From the same family as NCh. Nobly Regal. Mostly bought as I liked the damsire. Picked up for 1k.

Went back for more because WHY NOT. I seriously do not need anymore horses but auctions are so much fun lol Picked them all up for $1k each so hopefully they can try running straight and earn me money!

[color=blue]BEST POINT
WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S) x Admiral Ivory (B)
Dam has a couple winners and I don

Went back because I NEEDED some fillies. And hard to say no to these prices.

[color=red]Smiling Partner, 15.1hh black filly
Blue Ensign (B) x Enchanting Foxx (B), by GCh. Must Be Magic (S)
Half to SP Enchantment Awaits. Dam is half to MSW NCh. Celtic Foxx (S), dam of 3 champions. Bought for 1k.

[color=red]Steady Gold, 14.2hh bay filly
Blue Ensign (B) x Ladybar (B), by Alydar (S)
Half to 1 winner from 2 runners. From the same family as ICh. Stressed (B) and Lady Kathleen (S) - dam of MSW Ch. Lady Katy. Bought for 1k.