2020 Racing Challenge

So, every team now has 8 horses - 3 2yos, 3 3yos, and 2 4yos. (Team captains, you’ll find them for sale to your team for $0 from FF.)

Same general rules apply as in previous years…

  • Majority vote is required to enter a race
  • Captains/co-captains can enter races
  • Horses running while injured will be penalised
  • Captains not entering races that have been voted on (unless the horse is entered in another race or is injured) will be penalised
  • Team/member activity is judged on how often your horses race
  • Points are earned based on how well your horses do, with extra points being awarded/taken away if other CW-owned horses are involved

If you have any questions, post here.

Enjoy, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey Shanti!

I can’t actually buy our team ponies. The place where the buy button typically is is greyed out.


D’oh, thanks for that - I’ve fixed it, though only on the horse page (not the sale page).

Could not find horses for sale to the purple team?

They should be visible on the sales page - there won’t be a stable alert as Color War teams aren’t meant to buy/sell horses normally.

Ok I never thought to look there… Thank you…

Looks like we only got five horses… there are no 2yo’s offered to our stable. Also, a 4yo gelding was at Santa Anita already.

Edit: sorry, we have 8, I was looking at the training summary page ::)

I’ve updated him to Aqueduct.

Shanthi - As you know, I was not one of the original Co-Captains for the Green Team but you appointed me one when one of them dropped out of FF. I have just realized that I don’t know what the sign-on and password for the Green Team is, so can’t go on and “purchase” our horses.

Could you please PM me the info when you get a chance.


Hi Shanthi - Im not seeing blue teams horses either. Ive contacted our other captain but havent heard back.


They’ll show up at the top of the page here: finalfurlong.org/salepage.php

You’ll need to view each horse individually in order to be able to buy them.

Green Giants have now “bought” their horses. When do the Color War horses start running?

Whenever the teams vote for/on races for them. :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to just be majority vote right? We have 4 votes on it horses but it still says we can’t enter them…

Apologies, the code was still assuming 8 members/team, not 6.

It should allow you to enter races if there are at least 4 votes, and the “yes” votes outnumber the “no” votes.

Hey Shanthi - In past years I recall their being a points board but I can’t find the link. Is it still up?