2020 Color War Teams

Announcing the 2020 Color War Teams:

Scarlet Crusaders (Red Team - Belmont)
Hilda of Clicker Lab (Captain)
Faedar of Sakura Springs (Captain)
Joe Cockerton of Littlefield
Gwen Kitching of Darkwood Stables
Mark of Markos
Shelbie of Black Storm West

Green Giants (Green Team - Arlington)
Sash of Fogarty Racing LLC (Captain)
Starfish of Starfish Stables (Captain)
Robbin of Empire Racing
Pistachio of Pistachio Ranch
Emma of Generous Bloodstock
Carole of Iron Spur

Lapis Lazuli (Blue Team - Aqueduct)
DukeItOut of Marshall Creek Ranch (Captain)
Kayleigh of Candi Cane Racing (Captain)
Alisander and Evander of Corageux Stables
Madison of Hidden Oak Farm
Traci of Vimes Racing
Lilly of Rainee Thoroughbreds

Shades of Purple (Purple Team - Saratoga)
Diana of Coleman Branch (Captain)
Dawn of Battle Hill Stables (Captain)
Myles Mintzler of The Grey Stable
Paul of Windward Farm
Shirozora of RC Bee
Jess of Blackhawk Ridge

Blood Oranges (Orange Team - Woodbine)
Kim of Semiahmoo Stables (Captain)
Melissa of Tall Oaks Farm (Captain)
Steve of Lochiedo Stables
John Gant of Gant’s Farm
Emily of Mynydd Ysbryd Stable
Katie of Twin Pines Farm

Looks like every team is on it already, but first step is to come up with a team name and a team location.

Both decisions must be unanimous and all team members must vote.

No team may be at the same location, so there’s incentive to decide quickly so your ideal location doesn’t get taken.

Blue Team has completed first task!!!

Team Name: Lapis Lazuli
Team Location: Aqueduct

Wow you guys are quick! Going to be a tight competition

Ok, now Red Team has an official unanimous vote.

Name: Scarlet Crusaders
Track: Belmont

I don’t see my name on any

Carole, you can join the green team as they’ve lost a member.

Welcome Carol! Good to have you on board

Welcome Carole. We’d be thrilled to have you join our team.

I do believe it’s unanimous for the Purple team.  We are…

Shades of Purple, based at Saratoga.

The Orange team appears to be unanimous.

Our name is the [color=orange]Blood Oranges based out of Woodbine

The Green Team has selected [color=green]Green Giants as our name and Arlington as our location.