2020 Auction

Just curious, when will the pretty 2yo’s be added, and will there be [color=blue]Complete Pleasure, [color=blue]Dangerotti, and [color=red]Somber Act? Because if yes, I shall announce bankrupcy already :wink:
(edit: or maybe not bankrupcy, since there is a spending limit, I must only get lucky…)

All 3 are more Select Auction candidates.

Will see what the script comes up with when I get it to run, though.

Script didn’t pick any of your 3, sorry!

It did pick 146 other babies though. :wink:

I have increased the horse limit to 8 per stable as bidding has died down.

I have increased the horse limit to 12 per stable.

Final increase, the limit is now 20 per stable. (Go wild! :wink:)