2016 Racing Challenge

So, every team now has 8 horses - 3 2yos, 3 3yos, and 2 4yos.

Same general rules apply as in previous years…

  • Majority vote is required to enter a race
  • Captains/co-captains can do race entries
  • Horses running while injured will be penalized
  • Captains not entering races that have been voted on (unless the horse is entered in another race or is injured) will be penalized
  • Team/member activity is judged on how often your horses race
  • Points are earned based on how well your horses do, with extra points being awarded/taken away if other CW-owned horses are involved

If you have any questions, post here.

Enjoy, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Yay!  ;D

Awesome! So excited.

Just a note that horses are expected to run 1x/month. Running more often won’t get any more points as far as activity goes, but obviously if your horse does well you’ll get more points with more races. If your horse is injured, s/he is exempt from the 1 race/month rule.

And a final note to say that the names were done via an online generator. So if they suck, blame it, not me! :wink:

hahah yeah we have some pretty funny names… We have a “Perky Experiment” and “Timid Smell”. I was wondering who came up with them! :wink:

We have “Serene Bean” and “Cowcow Cupid” :smiley:

So excited! We actually made it out with some pretty decent names; the only slightly odd one is Dark Charge, who is a light chestnut. Although I guess a gelding named Belly Dancin Rebel should earn a few odd looks, haha. Can’t wait to get them racing!

Ahahaha my guess is he’s a gelding who likes other geldings. :wink:

Is there any way (/would it be an easy thing to code) we could get the condition listed on the race suggestions? I had to go searching through the race schedule to find out if the race was a maiden, nw2 etc.

Rofl we have a Gator Toaster( which is growing on me! Lol), Alaskan Pepermint, Spicy Crystal,Floating Memory.

I signed in as captain and it won’t let me send pm’s it says you must be a registered member to send messages. i don’t know if any other captains having this problem, so I used my own act to send.

giggles at Gator Toaster

I don’t think the Team Captain accounts have the same permissions as the regular ones. I’d avoid sending PMs as the team captain anyway, as there are 2 captains per team so it’s confusing as to who’s sending what message.

Ok, yeah I know right! Rofl!

What if their first race isn’t until may is that ok for the once a month rule where we are starting mid April? I have entered 2 for April but the rest have may suggestions for now.

Should be fine - I’ll probably need to tweak the code to check for things happening every 30 days, since the racing stuff started mid-month.

Shanthi - Is there (or will there be) a link to show the Color War standings?

I was wondering who named these horses! Sunburned Splinter? Blotched War? Tardy Smoke?? These are hilarious.

She said it was a generator