2016 CDS Stallion Roster and Reservations

[center]CDS is proud to offer to the public WCh. Nightfight, WCh. As You Wish and ICh. Devil His Due and NCh. Carrowmore
For your consideration

I’d like to reserve March 1 spot to [color=blue]WCh. As You Wish for my mare [color=red]A Revolution

All Set. :slight_smile:

Thank you! This will be a big black beauty  :slight_smile:

Can I please have a late Feb Devil His Due slot for Bounty Hunter?
Also a early March for As You Wish for Reveille?

Gottcha down. :slight_smile:

Could I get the April 1A spot to As You Wish for Ballroom Dancer?

And also the June 2A spot to Carrowmore for Soft Whispers

can I also get a June 1A breeding to NCh. Carrowmore for my mare Ch. First Fox? Irish River is one of my favourite stallys :smiley:

Could I get a July 1 spot to As You Wish for Ring of Brodgar please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yay it’s up ,lol here’s my list for Carrowmore.  What ever dates for the mares due lucky these two are Jan , and as soon as you can for the one coming off track. Thanks! Carole (can’t wait for IG to come stay!)
Ch sahara desert- due 1/29/16
Ch sing along- due 1/2/16
Mad Love retires Jan 1st

Hi there,
can I have the following bookings for WCh As You Wish?

  • Lonelyrunsbothways Feb 1A
  • Star Of Fame Feb1B
  • Rally To Me Feb 2A
  • Secrets ofthe Moon Mar 1B
  • Molten Silver Mar 2B

Hey Holly,

Could I have a March 3A/B to As You Wish for Continental?  Thanks.

Can I get the following bookings…

May 2A to As You Wish for Ch. Set Sail
Apr 2A to Carrowmore for Steadfast Lover
Mar 3A to Devil His Due for GCh. Devilady

Thanks a bunch…

May I have April 2A to As You Wish for Sonatina?

Thank you, :slight_smile:

Oh, and can I also have Mar 1B to Carrowmore for Chicks Are Better?

Everyone should be reserved. Thanks so much.

Could I also get the March 1A spot to Devil His Due for Be Kipper?

Done. :slight_smile:

can I book late march for Devil His Due for Dark Side?

All set. :slight_smile: