2015 Goals

So, what are everyone’s goals for the year 2015?

I’d like to have a MUCH better racing year, this past year has been pretty bad, it’s really tough when you retire all your good consistent horses and don’t have any to replace them. The good ones are getting old and the young ones are just bad! I’d also like to spend my money a little more wisely, though my investments would have been wise if only they’d followed through! :wink:

My goals are pretty much the same as yours, haha. Starting out you buy as cheaply as possible and that paid off better than knowing I can spend more for what I THINK are better horses. Keep to the cheaper claiming races, embrace Workouts more, and don’t be afraid of buying older geldings/stallions if they can still bring in their food bill only buy fillies!

Probably sell a number of horses either over the summer, or end of the year.

My goals are to race my horses more evenly and more consistently, have NO stillborn foals or injuries(crossing fingers here), expand the brood and racing band, get one of our horses stud qualified(which will be hard considering most of our racers are female), and to figure out our horses more.

Here’s hoping that this year will be better than the last!  :wink:

My goals next year are to manage my racehorses better (I only started to really get the hang of things halfway through the year) and to buy a ton of Rogue-line mares for my stable star when he retires to studhood in 2016.  8)

I’d like to try graduate school + racing some of the ponies.  We’ll see how that goes.  =)  I’d also like to have a better racing year the tweaked racing code has not agreed with us for a long time.  Maybe it’s time that we change how we manage/run the ponies?

Would like to SELL some of the horses, but I have hoarding tendencies.  Sigh.

Mine’s a mash up of all of the above. I’d like to spend a little wiser, race a little wiser, make some money, not buy as many horses (esp. those “fixer upers”), sell some horses, and hope I have bred some decent 2yos (1st homebred crop!), and maybe even get a consistent racer, and a couple of G1 stakes wins to boot. Some seem far fetched, maybe cause I seem to have a stable of fixer upers…Best of luck to everyone.

Cracking this new racing code would be nice… I had a $6 million drop in earnings last year on the previous. Unfortunately don’t have time to devote to training so not sure how this will be accomplished! :-\ Hoping a few homebreds do well. Would also love a nice 2YO for once!

Well, a bit like everyone else - hopefully a bit more consistent performances from the ponies  :wink: although a couple of them really started to fire after the code change so here’s hoping they continue that fine form. Spend money more wisely but the likelyhood of that happening is probably quite slim  ::) And all the ponies to stay happy and healthy and that the new foals all arrive safely.  Oh and maybe if just one of the colts could show some tendency towards making a potential stallion that’d be fab.

Best of luck to everyone in 2015  :slight_smile:

Two goals:

Try and enter races at least once a week. I go through spurts where I remember to enter, and then times when I focus on all code, all the time, and forget to play the game.

Write some more damn code. Like racing, I go through spurts of getting lots done, and then times when I do squat.

Year of the code, baby. I want to show off the spiffy new stuff! (Of which there’s not much right now, but in my head it’s really cool :wink:)

Oh, and I’m with Cat - need to stop hoarding. I have gotten better about gelding colts pretty quickly (and then selling them on, usually to great success! Not that I need a larger racing string than I have…). Need to not hoard the pretty mares and their pretty imaginary babies, though.

Actually, I should make this one of my aims too - I just can’t resist a pretty face  :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t resist the naming possibilities! :wink:

You see, I keep telling myself the three-legged nag that can’t run her way out of a paperbag has so much potential.  She just needs time to mature and her babies are gonna be awesome. And the horses I sell tend to perk up after I sell them.  :wink:

I know that feeling Cat. Sold Ice Tiger earlier in the year when she just couldn’t seem to break her maiden and she promptly won or finished 2nd in her next five or so starts including a BC win  :frowning:

I’d definately like to manage my ponies more consistently- I had a quite a few dry spots last year. I’d really, really like to have some success in stakes (hint hint you in the stables :wink:) and I hope those showing promise do some delivering, wishful thinking it may be. Echoing others, I’d love it if all my ponies stay healthy and all of the new foals arrive safely. Expanding my broodmare band and adding some nice lines would also be wonderful.

I hear everybody about the hoarding, I’ve gotten better about letting them go, though everytime I do they go on to become millionaires when I couldn’t even get them to win a non-winners of two!

Get active again is the biggest one for me… I haven’t been on much from September - November and I reaaaaally regret it. All the plans I had kind of went… kersplat. :-\ And hopefully by getting more active I’ll be able to improve my racing season which would be just great. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a hoarder too, but I think I’ve managed to rid myself of that tendency. Hopefully. Because more horses would not be good.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Here, here re: hoarding. I just took one of my horses off the sales page because, y’know, she just had a growth spurt. Maybe that’s what she needed. Now all I need to do is figure out what she likes so that she can break her maiden…

My goals are mostly the same. Trying to figure out my horses. Most of my consistent ones retired this year and now I have some ponies running that don’t really try their hardest. Haven’t had a win since the BC, and all of my horses seem to think the finish line is a little ways before where it actually is. If it was then I would have a lot more wins! But I am going to be on more often this year.

For the first half of the year, I want to keep my quickly ballooning collection of racehorses in check - preferably under ten horses to manage, since I’m still trying to figure stuff out. I hope to manage the few horses I have well so that they can bring in some money and I can get myself settled and make more than I spend.

At the later part of the year, I’m (of course) hoping to keep managing my racehorses effectively. I may look into some younger horses or a broodmare or two to start getting a feel for how the breeding/bloodlines side of things works since that’s always my weaker point. I’m not very good at choosing good matches or spotting a well bred horse, so I want to train my eye a bit better for that once I’m making money off my runners.

For this year I’m just hoping to get a solid foundation started for my stable. I’ll probably try to stick with the numbers I currently have and try to figure out my horses and how to make the best of them. Getting most of them racing consistently would be nice, but I’ll try to roll with the punches. The broodmare I started with will probably be bred too, but overall I just want to have fun and make the most of the year.