2014 Horse of the Year

2014 Horse of the Year

  • Dr. Evil
  • Gilded Saint
  • I’m No Fool
  • Night’s Over
  • Persuasion

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Dr. Evil
Resident Evil x Grande Finale
5yo Stallion - 2014 Older Horse of the Year, 2014 Endurance Horse of the Year, 2014 Turf Horse of the Year
16(16)-7(7)-3(3)-1(1)-1(1) - $5,612,000

Gr. 1 The Metropolitan (12.0f)
Gr. 2 Hotham Handicap (12.5f)
Gr. 2 Black Stakes (12.5f)
Gr. 1 Eclipse Stakes (14.0f)
Gr. 1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Japan Cup (12.0f)

Gr. 1 George Main Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 2 Hardwick Stakes (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Turf (12.0f)

Gr. 1 Brisbane Cup (14.0f)


Gilded Saint
6yo Stallion - 2014 SC Horse of the Year
21(18)-7(7)-1(1)-4(3)-1(1) - $2,371,000

Gr. 3 Hal’s Hope Handicap (8.5f)
Gr. 2 Juvenile Steeplechase (16.0f)
Gr. 3 Spring Gold Cup (13.0f)
Ungr. Chester Cup (18.0f)
Gr. 1 Hard Scuffle (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Meadow Brook Stakes (16.0f)
Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup SC Endurance (16.0f)

Gr. 3 Next Move Handicap (8.0f)

Gr. 1 Ascot Gold Cup (20.0f)
Gr. 1 Secret of Love Stakes (15.0f)
Gr. 1 Joe Aitcheson (14.0f)


I’m No Fool
Foolhardy x Highland Gold
3yo Colt - 2014 3yo Colt of the Year
36(36)-12(12)-9(9)-2(2)-5(5) - $3,109,750

Gr. 1 Australia Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 1 C.F. Orr Stakes (7.0f)
Gr. 1 Cadbury Guineas (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Caulfield Stakes (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Haydock Sprint Cup (6.0f)
Gr. 2 Ascot Vale Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 2 Up and Coming Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 3 Historic Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Jaipur Stakes (7.0f)
Gr. 3 Jester Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 3 Ming Dynasty Cup (7.0f)
Gr. 3 W.J. Healy Stakes (6.0f)

Gr. 1 Cantala Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Canterbury Guineas (9.5f)
Gr. 1 Manhattan Handicap (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Manikato Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 1 Underwood Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 2 QTC Cup (6.0f)
Gr. 2 Robinson Stakes (10.0f)
Gr. 2 UAE Derby (9.0f)
Gr. 3 Belmont Sprint (7.0f)

Gr. 1 Stadbroke Handicap (7.0f)
Gr. 3 Baguette Stakes (6.0f)


Night’s Over
Moonopoly x Check Please
3yo Filly - 2014 Classic Horse of the Year, 2014 Turf Mare of the Year
22(19)-7(7)-4(3)-3(3)-1(1) - $3,676,800

Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Mile (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Diana Handicap (9.0f)
Gr. 1 Hong Kong Cup (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Lake Placid Handicap (9.5f)
Gr. 2 Jamaica Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Just A Game Breeders’ Cup (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Pebbles Stakes (10.5f)

Gr. 1 Carter Handicap (9.5f)
Gr. 2 Bonnie Miss Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 3 Herecomesthebride Stakes (8.5f)

Gr. 1 Lockinge Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 2 Nassau County Breeders’ Cup (7.0f)
Gr. 2 Queenston Stakes (8.5f)


Point Given x Hollywood Hopes
2yo Filly - 2014 2yo Filly of the Year
11(8)-4(2)-4(4)-1(1)-1 - $2,056,650

Gr. 1 Ascot Fillies Mile (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Golden Slipper Stakes (6.0f)

Gr. 1 Beach Shore Stakes (7.0f)
Gr. 1 Blue Diamond Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 1 Moyglare Stud Stakes (7.0f)
Gr. 2 Reisling Slipper Trial (6.0f)

Gr. 3 Blue Diamond Prelude (Fillies) (5.5f)

Following his 2014 3YO Colt of the Year win, I’m No Fool looks forward to receiving all your votes! He is one of the top earners this year, equal top for stakes wins (including five grade ones) and is the top horse in terms of points!

Thanks for delivering Vaulcuse with my first award under the new banner all!

I’d just like to thank everyone who voted for [color=red]Night’s Over as the 2014 Classic Horse and Turf Mare of the Year. I’m so proud to own such a great mare. She was the only filly in the Top 5(4th in the Top 10 List) for money earned this year, as well as being in the Top 10 for Points.

Thank you so much for giving me my first pair of awards this year.  ;D
We appreciate any and all votes turned in for [color=red]Night’s Over.

Just a reminder that voting closes tomorrow. :slight_smile:


I’m absolutely ecstatic you have chosen I’m No Fool as your 2014 Horse of the Year!

Congrats Jason. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Jason!

Jason, Congratulations on I’m No Fool winning Horse of the Year.

While I cannot deny that his performances this past year were very good, I have to admit to being surprised at the outcome of the voting. It’s a good thing there wasn’t any betting of this as I would have lost my shirt. I thought that, especially after the voting for the other awards, Dr. Evil would have been a shoo-in, with him winning three categories to I’m No Fool’s one.

Dr. Evil won nearly twice as much prize money as I’m No Fool in fewer than half as many races, (our own Tottenham Hotspur, who was runner-up to Dr. Evil in the voting for both the Older Horse and the Turf Horse, also earned more prize money than I’m No Fool, also in fewer than half as many races). Both Dr. Evil and I’m No Fool won 5 Gr. 1 races, but, while the Prize Money for the top race I’m No Fool won was $750K, three of the races Dr. Evil won had prize money of $1M+. In addition, the only time the two of them met head-to-head, in the 12.0f Turf Gr. 1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes for 3yo+, Dr. Evil won with a SF of 187 and I’m No Fool was only 6th with a SF of 139.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to denigrate I’m No Fool’s achievements, which were remarkable to say the least. Any horse that can win 12 Stakes races in one year, including 5 G1’s, is very impressive. I guess that everybody has their own criteria for choosing their picks, that’s what makes us individuals. And I guess that there’s truth in the adage that Advertising Helps.


Good job to all of the Eclipse Awards winners and the other nominees (whether I voted for them or not).

I don’t know how anyone else votes, but I generally look for quality (level of races) and consistency (% in the top 1/3). Dr. Evil had 75% top-4 finishes, I’m No Fool had 77%. What gave INF my vote, though, was his versatility. No one can argue that Dr. Evil excels at his niche - long distance turf. I’m No Fool impressed me with the ability to win from 6-10f - shows speed and stamina.

I personally pay very little attention to earnings. A fluke win in a race in Dubai could make a horse a multi-millionaire even if that’s the only good effort in a stakes they ever get. (I’m not saying that’s the case with any of these horses, just that the extra $2m for Dr. Evil didn’t register as a factor for me.)

Just my $0.02.

Lewis, it happens.  I think we’ve all had the experience of thinking someone’s a shoe-in for this award or that one.  I haven’t been able to figure out why people vote one way or another.  Sometimes it’s # of SWs, sometimes it’s # of Gr. 1s, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s something else… to be quite honest, the only thing I do know is that you can’t predict how people vote.  Not winning is disappointing (believe me, I know!), but that’s just how it is.

I ignore money earnings too - as Shanthi said, it is a moot point when a horse can fluke the Dubai World Cup and pretty much sit on the top of the earnings table for the rest of the year with no other notable performances. I was strapped last year so couldn’t afford to pay late entry fees for I’m No Fool to run at the BC or contest some of the really big ticket races. He is also a sprinter who is able to compete well at a mile or 10 furlongs. Anything more than that was generally an experiment on my part!

Anyway, was very good to come out on top amongst such high quality competition for this award.

Good work Jason  8)

I remember there was some controversy last year with the voting, I’ve given up trying to understand how some people vote  ???

I tend to look for group 1 wins and the type of race when voting … ie the best races in the world like the Arc or Cox Place in Aus.

While I didn’t campaign him that way last year, he has won stakes races from 5f dirt up to 14f turf and has won 7 stakes on the dirt (8 on turf)

Last season I stuck to the long turf races for him as that was where the money was!

Fair enough - I was just referencing his performances in 2014. I can barely keep track of what my horses are good at, let alone other people’s. :wink:

I know, I’ve only got about 40 and can’t keep up with that trying to remember who races on what, where and how long