2014 3yo Filly of the Year

2014 3yo Filly of the Year

  • Eureka Stockade
  • Night’s Over
  • SpectacularDiamond
  • St Kilda

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Eureka Stockade
Irish River x Eureka
28(24)-6(6)-4(4)-4(2)-1(1) - $2,224,650

Gr. 1 Crown Oaks (12.5f)
Gr. 1 Prince of Wales Stakes (10.0f)
Gr. 2 Bonnie Miss Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 2 Lucky Cigar Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 3 American Oaks (10.0f)
Gr. 3 Glen Falls Handicap (11.0f)

Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Epsom Derby Stakes (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Mercedes Classic (12.0f)
Gr. 2 Long Island Stakes (12.0f)

Gr. 1 Bailey’s Irish Champion Stakes (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Personal Ensign Handicap (10.0f)

Night’s Over
Moonopoly x Check Please
22(19)-7(7)-4(3)-3(3)-1(1) - $3,676,800

Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Mile (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Diana Handicap (9.0f)
Gr. 1 Hong Kong Cup (10.0f)
Gr. 1 Lake Placid Handicap (9.5f)
Gr. 2 Jamaica Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Just A Game Breeders’ Cup (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Pebbles Stakes (10.5f)

Gr. 1 Carter Handicap (9.5f)
Gr. 2 Bonnie Miss Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 3 Herecomesthebride Stakes (8.5f)

Gr. 1 Lockinge Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 2 Nassau County Breeders’ Cup (7.0f)
Gr. 2 Queenston Stakes (8.5f)

Spectacular Bid x War Diamond
48(33)-15(10)-7(5)-2(1)-6(2) - $2,926,300

Gr. 1 Epsom Oaks Stakes (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Mercedes Classic (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Mother Goose Stakes (9.0f)
Gr. 1 Sunshine Millions Oaks (7.0f)
Gr. 2 Genuine Risk (6.0f)
Gr. 2 Tea Rose Stakes (7.5f)
Gr. 3 Furious Stakes (7.0f)
Gr. 3 Sands Point Stakes (9.0f)
Ungr. Boo La Boo Stakes (6.5f)
Ungr. Isaac Murphy Handicap (6.0f)

Gr. 1 Coronation Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 1 Japan Cup (12.0f)
Gr. 1 Rosehill Guineas (10.0f)
Gr. 3 Sabin Handicap (8.0f)
Ungr. Purple Violet Stakes (9.0f)

Gr. 1 Flight Stakes (8.0f)

St Kilda
Slew O’Scots x Promises Kept
25(25)-6(6)-1(1)-3(3)-1(1) - $1,137,000

Gr. 1 Acorn Stakes (9.5f)
Gr. 1 Gazelle Stakes (9.5f)
Gr. 1 Prioress Stakes (6.0f)
Gr. 1 Santa Anita Oaks (8.5f)
Ungr. Dame Mysterieuse Stakes (5.0f)
Ungr. Sham Stakes (9.0f)

Gr. 1 Kentucky Oaks (9.0f)

Gr. 1 Breeders’ Cup Distaff (9.0f)
Gr. 1 Las Virgenes Stakes (8.0f)
Gr. 3 Derby Trial (8.5f)

In My Humble Opinion all the mares in this category were severely abused as racehorses and therefore will not be voting for any of them.

Excuse me?

Myles may be referring to how frequently they ran during the past year. If that is the case, I might be tempted to agree with him as far as Spectular Diamond is concerned. She averaged almost one race a week, which I think is excessive. The others averaged approximately one race every two weeks. I tend to prefer to race my horses once every three weeks, but once every two weeks isn’t overly excessive.

Fair enough, but “severely abused” is excessive. Horses can recover energy anywhere from 5-25 days after a race. If you have a horse who’s at the 5 day range, racing once a week could be perfectly acceptable (especially if you ship home for some of those days…looking at SpectacularDiamond in particular, it looks like she only went home in October, which is a bit much).

At any rate, that’s still a pretty random thing to say. You’re welcome to manage your racehorses whatever way you like, and vote for HOTY awards the same way, but don’t accuse people of “severe abuse” (or, if your objection is to SpectacularDiamond in particular, don’t lump the other horses/owners in) just because they manage their stable differently.

Bear in mind that this is a game, and these horses are fake.


I ran I’m No Fool 36 times last year. Considering he was in the top four 28 of those, I’m sure he handled it just fine. He had some breaks too. Unfortunately I don’t have time to train effectively so racing is one way of keeping my horses fit.

I don’t think you’ve got much right to judge how people run their horses. I, for one, cannot stand how you place stupid restrictions, in my humble opinion, on who can breed to your stallions, however I won’t publicly denounce you for it. Ooops. Just did.

Don’t forget SD ran a lot of races under ff management for a large part of the year do wouldn’t have suffered any loss of energy then.

Ah, yes, that would explain it. FF horses run as the script chooses to enter them, which in some cases is VERY often (see: all of SD’s races but the last 6). In other cases, not so much (see: some of FF’s 2008 geldings with < 5 lifetime starts).

Railbird ran SD 6 times over the course of 3 months. The other 42 starts were courtesy of the auto-enter script, which does base entries off energy/fitness levels, but not much else. :wink:

Ok ok …Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word severely. As has been shown by a number of other stables there are in fact horses that regenerate that quickly and are able to race more than once a month that mine do. I can even buy once every three weeks which would bring the race total to about 20 races in a calender year. More than that, I stick by my statement…
YES I know it’s a game!!!
As far as your last statement about the breeding end of the game Jason, yes I have rules about who gets to breed what to whom. I am not the only one who does that in this game or in real life. Do you think that they let just anyone with $500,000 breed to Dynaformer?. I’m thinking the answer is no. The reason that I do it the way I do is so that some of my other studs that may not get to see a mare like French Kiss do at least once in there career. That I know is a practise that is out there.

Are my rules hard and fast on the breeding? I think you as well as others know and have had benefit, that it is NO.

I apologize for using the term “Severely” if it offended anybody.

Abuse isn’t a word to throw around lightly, so please don’t use it wrt a virtual horse racing sim. It takes away from actual animal abuse in the real world.

Oh, and fyi,

is a fauxpology. Sorry if it sounds like I/we are ganging up on you, Myles, but your comments were really problematic.

Yeah, it was the “abuse” that I objected to. The severity thereof is really a moot point, especially with virtual horses.