2013 Color War Results

…coming soon…

looking forward to it! good year last year all! :slight_smile:

Aww teasin! I got all excited to see it…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man that was mean!  :astonished:

Someone posted in an old thread about it, so I started a new one. :stuck_out_tongue: I have a bunch of bugs to fix first, plus unpacking to do.

:stuck_out_tongue: but I guess bugs should come first haha

insert Rick Astley here

Thanks Shanthi! I know you are busy, I was just curious. :slight_smile:

Thanks Shanthi!

Yay!  Can’t wait!  :slight_smile:

Ah, I was so excited ;D Well, technically I still am excited… heh.

Thanks, Shanthi!

Oooohh…I can’t wait! ;D

and to sign up for this years teams

yes! can’t wait for this year!

Shanthi, is there any way we could help you tabulate the results of the Color War similar to how we helped select the horses for this year’s auctions?

Um, I suppose prize horses could be selected, but I still need to actually figure out what team won and who gets what prizes.

I am so excited. I lost my color war win from last year. She passed away while foaling. I hope for better luck this time!

Same exact thing happened to me. Crazy.

If this is any help to you, I had made a note of the team totals at the end of the year, points only.

ROCK’N BLUES           214
THE JACARANDAS           64
CODE INDIGO           57
THE RISING SUNS         -65
RED RUM                 -68
BLACK GOLD         -122

I can’t help with any other info such as how each individual horse did (apart from the Red Rum horses) or how much each team member participated (either in voting or in the Forum).

Yay Rock’n Blues!  :smiley: