2012 Horses Consigned

Should be a pretty good mix.  :slight_smile:

Bidding starts on Saturday.  Enjoy!

Yay, thank you!

Gee there’s some nice horses there  :astonished: maybe a touch out of my budget though  :-\

a heads up for anyone on a budget, the ones i have in there are all under $100k (i just have too many to figure out i have to thin the herd)

Thanks Shanthi, some good looking horses in there!

But -I can’t afford any more … I haven’t got room for any more… I’m Not going to look, I AM NOT GOING TO LOOK (well maybe a quick peep then… :wink:)

I’ve increased the limit per person to 6 horses.  :slight_smile:  Enjoy!

If only you had lowered some of the reserves instead Shanthi  ;D

Lol not an auction for me, too rich for this little stable  :astonished: