2012 Black Diamond Estates Breedings

[color=red]Across the Stars to [color=blue]WCh.Strider 7/2 (Cascade Stables) Approved!
[color=red]Alydar’s Frolic to [color=blue]Ch.Mr. Townsend 2/1 (Black Diamond Estates) Approved!
[color=red]American Heiress to [color=blue]Ch.Mr. Townsend 8/1 (Black Diamond Estates Approved!
[color=red]Blowin In The Wind to [color=blue]GCh.Akhetnaten 7/1 (Morning Star Farms) Approved!
[color=red]Dance At Dawn to [color=blue]GCh.Akhetnaten 4/1 (Morning Star Farms) Approved!
[color=red]Dawing Light to [color=blue]Devil May Care 2/2 (Cascade Stables) Approved!
[color=red]Ch.Ellies Gift to [color=blue]GCh.Akhetnaten 2/1 (Morning Star Farms) Approved!
[color=red]Ch.Fickle Fortune to [color=blue]FFCh.High Chances 2/2 (Cricket Hill) Approved!
[color=red]Peppermint Twist to [color=blue]ICh.Dark Continent 6/4 (Cricket Hill) Approved!
[color=red]Savvy Girl to [color=blue]Ch.Mr. Townsend 4/1 (Black Diamond Estates) Approved!
[color=red]Unknown Powers to [color=blue]GCh.Highland Laird 3/2 (Stillwater Farms) Approved!
[color=red]Win M All to [color=blue]Ch.Mr. Townsend 8/2 (Black Diamond Estates) Approved!
[color=red]Yes It’s True to [color=blue]Ch.Mr. Townsend 2/2 (Black Diamond Estates) Approved!

Akhy will be delighted to see your mares, consider them confimed

Laird’s got you booked. :slight_smile: