2011 How'd You Do?

Well since I have already purchased Clover Springs’ limit of 5 horses thought I would start the forum post to see who everyone ended up with in the end :wink:

[color=red]GCh. Always A Princess
NCh. Hope To Succeed (S) x Pink Princess (S), Reine-de-Course
16.1h, 2006 chestnut mare, racehorse
Wanted this mare straight away because she was a MSW steeplechasing mare, and because her dam is a Reine-de-Course B/I ranking. Planning to race her out for the rest of the year (since breeding season is of course over) and then see what happens next year. I will likely race her the beginning of next year, then retire to breeding into the season. Purchased for $1,000,000.

[color=red]Ebony Star
Planet Hollywood (S) x Times Ebony (G)
15.3h, 2009 black mare, racehorse
I purchased this filly based on her 1/2 siblings, and because she is a Wood daughter and our success with them. She is 1/2 to MSW WCh. Nightfight, WCh. Gotta Go, and SW Ch. High Times. As a 2yo she has also been in the top 4 in ALL of her races so far which is an excellent sign for a racing, and eventually breeding prospect. ^___^ Nice price tag of $2,350,500.

[color=red]Ch. Youwouldntbelievit
You Wouldn’t Dare x Ifyoucouldseemenow (S), Reine-de-Course
16.1h, 1999 dark bay mare, broodmare
Only broodmare that I purchased in the Select Auction, but one with nice bloodlines and in foal with a Bold Ruler foal to boot! Her dam is a Reine-de-Course B/I, and is 1/2 sibling to MSW NCh. Shesanaturalactor, SW Ch. Worth A Look and Rock And Roll. No stakes winners yet produced, but a few stakes placer’s, so i am hoping to get her to the stakes winning producing level :slight_smile: Purchase price of $400,000.

Bold Ruler (S) x Heart’s Blood §, Reine-de-Course
14.3h, 2009 black filly, racehorse
I am SO THRILLED to have purchased this filly from Storybook Farms! I love the Heart’s Blood line, and this filly has a bright future with such strong bloodlines and getting to purchase her as only a 2yo is like a dream come true. She is 1/2 to MSW NCh. Cross My Heart, GCh. Miss Lonelyhearts, Ch. Heartache, and SW Hearts Awhirl, GCh. I Swear and Ch. Heartstring (also owned by CS). Can’t wait to see where this filly will go in her career! Purchased for $1,000,000.

[color=blue]Ch. Image of Glory
Lonesome Glory (S) x Backwards Image (S)
16h, 2008 strawberry roan colt, racehorse
This guy has been pretty much a machine this year earning at least a 4th in all 7 of his starts this year as a 3yo. Not that I needed another dirt horse, but I liked his racing records, sire, and just the general looks of him so I thought I would take a chance. Purchased for $100,000.


Congrats on getting AffairsOfTheHeart. :slight_smile:  It was a tough call to sell her, but as part of my downsizing, I figure any horse I own multiple female half-sibs should probably be on the “sell” list.  Good luck with her!

I was only expecting to be able to afford one horse from the auction, so I decided to try for a yearling this time around.

Today we’re bringing home Aurora (Crimson Lad x Worth My Time)

Something keeps bringing me back to Crimson Lad. I like him. I’ve had a couple of other mares by him and while they weren’t superstars, they have done well for me. This good-looking bay filly is out of a World Champion MSW, and is 1/2 to Stakes-placed Sleeplessinseattle. All in all, I’m pretty sure the girl will do just fine. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing how she does next year. The final price tag was $101,000.

Picked up 4 so far. I didn’t ‘splurge’ as much as my fellow members…  ::)

First up is
16.2hh 2yo light grey colt
[ICh. Highland Pride (S) x GCh. Hollywood Gold (G)]
Well we all love Rogue bloodlines dont we? Hollywood Gold has produced some nice foals too. Clockstopper is 1/2 to MSW NCh. Doc Hollywood and Sp NCh. Doc Hollywood. Picked him up for $150000. He currently has 3 starts and has run a 3rd and a 4th.

First Fox
16.0hh 3yo chestnut filly
[Omaha (S) x First Chance (S)]
This filly has been a successful runner so far and is already a stakes winner and MSP. I think she’s got alot of potential as a solid money earning horse and broodmare. Her sire has had decent enough success in his foals and she is 1/2 to SP First Rite. Got her for $206,500

16.2hh 2yo grey colt
[NCh. Those Will Do (S) x Queen’s Champion (G)]
So I wanted to get some newer/different bloodlines in my pack so I picked this guy up. He’s been a very successful 2yo so far with 4 starts, 2 wins and a 3rd place stakes start. His sire was successful on the track and has decent success in his foals. He is the first foal out of his dam. Picked him up for $70,500

First off the title of this post confused me… shouldn’t it be 2011 How’d You Do?


Battle Hill brought home 2 horses from this sale… it was all our budget would allow…

First off the trailer was the Highland Rouge (G) son Ch. Turn n’Burn (B) out of Fire de Flame (G) makinh him full brother to SP Ch. Flawless Victory, and 1/2 to MSW Ch. Secret Flame, SP Ch. Worthy Too and SW Firebrand. We were not sure if we should take the plunge into Stallion Ownership… but he was too sweet a deal to pass up… bought for $100,000…

2nd off the trailer was the yearling filly LastTangoInParis (original name Extra Lucky)… Sired by NCh. Lucky Cigar (S) Chef-de-Race (I/C) (retired) and out of Lady Luck (G) making her 1/2 to MSW Ch. Luck Is A Rouge and Ch. Given Trouble, SW GCh. Lucky Charm and Lady In Black, and SP Ch. Quest For Luck… We are very excited about bring this filly home to add to our racing string next spring… bought for $100,000…

I always liked Turn ‘n’ Burn, he had a short, but sweet career, good luck with him! (hard to go wrong with standing a Rogue son at stud anyway)

First of all I’d like to say 2 more broodmares what am I nuts :astonished:
I have fillies by each of these mares, and they are both solid runners. These ladies were bought more for the foals they are carrying than anything else. That being said:

Best Bet  $500,000 - everyone of her foals is at least SP
Wild Highland $250,500 - A Rogue daughter

And then there is Duplicate Copy who I won’t be buying. I just don’t have the mil or more, to spend, that’s most likely the minimum bid needed. With only 5 races in each of the last 2 years he really hasn’t been given the chance to match the potential of his phenomenal 2009 season when he won over 5 mil., won G!'s on dirt and turf short and long. It will be a shame if he doesn’t get those last 3 stakes victories, and move on to the breeding barn.

This was my first Select Auction, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get even one horse, but I mange to bring one home.

After talking to my buying agent from the Final Furlong Select Auction, I hopped a plane and headed for Woodbine, my new Cross Roads (S) Chef-de-Race (I/C) daughter, Femme Fatale was stabled there waiting to make her first start under Southern Cross colors.

As I walked down the shed row towards my new filly, I caught a glimpse of a solid black filly being hand walked, she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous! My head groom Steve walked up and said “What ya think of her boss?” “So that’s her?” I said as I moved towards her. “Yes Mamm, that be the one.” I let out a long whistle, “Well I believe the buyer knew what he was doing, how’s she taking the move?” “Seems to be enjoying the move just fine” “So Steve Tell me what you think of her?” Steve took off his hat and said “Well Ms Putman, ifin’ that filly can’t run, it’s cause the jock’s sitting on backwards” he said “the bloodlines on this filly are hard to beat, She’s a direct daughter of Storybooks Leading sire Cross Roads and she be out of Ch. Sailor Venus a direct daughter of Storybooks recently retired sire Hollywood Planet, that makes her a 3/4 sibling to SW Ch. Crayons Annonymous and 1/2 to MSW Ch. Steal My Heart”. I looked at Femme Fatale and said,“How’s she done on the track Steve?” He chuckled, “Well now she’s had 7 lifetime starts, and of those 7 has only been off the board once and that was when she was 2. She’s place 3 & 4 in stakes company. She’s won on both dirt and turf, and so far has only been streached out to 8 furlongs. I’m thinking next year will be her time to shine.” I looked at Steve and he had the biggest grin on his face and I started to laugh, “So you’re telling me you like her huh?” “Yes Mamm I shore do, and she gonna do good for you, she got the look of her sire about her, Yes Mamm she gonna be a good one”. I smiled at Steve, “ok you keep her sound and we’ll give her that chance to shine. She runs for us tomorrow, I’ll be here bright ‘n’ early in the morning.”

As I headed back to the parking lot I heard Steve, “You watch that filly, don’t let her act up and get hurt, She’s gonna be that black Diamond Ms Putman been needing” and I laughed and thought, “can you buy a Black Diamond for $100,000?” Sure would be sweet!

Well, I mulled it over and in a moment of absolute madness, I broke down and bought the yearling colt, Not For Love, out of gold ranked broodmare, Ch. Sailor Venus ( by Planet Hollywood), by silver ranked sire, No Duplicate making him 1/2 to MSW Ch. Steal My Heart and SP Femme Fatale. I think he’ll do good though, or at least I hope :slight_smile:

-Kiera, Dragonsden Stables

Had a day when I wasn’t thinking, and just changed 2007 to 2011 so everyone wouldn’t be confused :wink:

Darkwood had the most amazing auction this time. I had hoped to buy one horse, perhaps 2, knowing what select auction prices are like and still being a relatively new and small stable. The first couple of horses I bid on I did not even reach reserve prices (one finally sold for over 300,000 so way out of my reach!) so I looked for less fashionable horses.
I bid on 5 expecting to be outbid on most if not all of them and it never happened  :astonished:
I got all 5 and am rather shorter of money than I intended but I think I got some very decent horses and can’t wait to see them run

I got 2 colts:
[color=blue]Effortless by Spectacular Bid (s) out of Favourite Lady (g) he has been OTB for 50% of his starts so I think he should make a steady earner. As 1/2 to GCh Avalon and GCh Favored, his breeding is excellent.

[color=blue]Secret Ritual   by NCh Secretary out of Ch. Celtic Princess (G) he is also very well bred. he is 1/2 to ICh. Celtic Glory and  Ch. Celtic Knot. His race record is not too spectacular but as an FF horse he will have been entered into races that he qualified for not necessarily what he was suited for so we shall have to see how he goes

I also got 3 females
[color=red]Just Cause by Boldness Shows, she has a fairly average race record with a couple of wins and stakes places. She will continue to race this year and probably the early part of next year before joining my broodmare band. I also have Ingenue, the foal of her full sister Just for Show from an earlier sale.

[color=red]Best Queen is a weanling filly by Bold Ruler out of Ch Best Bet, both silver ranked. she is 1/2 to MSW Ch Medal of Honor and all her other siblings are at least stakes placed so we are hoping for good things from this little girl in the next few years

Finaly I bought an [color=red]unnamed  yearling filly by Count Fleet (S) out of gold ranked Speeding Bullet. She is 1/2 to MSW Ch Gunshot and MSW Ready Set Go and her 2 yo half sister is already stakes placed. Again she should be a very worthwhile aquisition if she is as successful as the rest of her family.

I still can’t quite believe I spent so much money or got so many horses from an auction I thought was out of my reach - but very very pleased  :slight_smile:  :slight_smile:  :slight_smile:

I picked up two more horses. Like I needed 2 more.

First up is
GCh. Raindrops On Roses Point Given x Rogue’s Lilly(Highland Rogue) She’s had a good career on the track and I hope for that to continue into next year. 500k For this lady, but she’s got so much potential to both earn it back, and produce in the breeding barn

and second I picked up a weanling

Always Worthy, Son of the now retired What’s It Worth. He’s out of  Always A Lady making him 1/2 sibling to  MSW Cigar’s Promise and SP Indy’s Lady. This mare seems to throw nice foals out of strong stallions, and they don’t get much stronger than worth. Amazingly i only paid 51K for this nice young man

well i wanted to find a good stallion but decided on some runners and a broodie this is what i picked up so far.

Pharaoh’s Spirit a Flea-bitten grey  silver ranked Broodmare, In foal to Alydar,Silver (6.7) for $200,000

by With Spirit
out of-Egyptian Pharaoh (S) by-------King Tut
-------------------------------00—Queen of the Nile

Ch. Marilyn Monroe- a  nice Bay filly, racehorse , for $200,000

by-Class Act (S)
out of-Pretty Pumpkin (S)

1/2 Siblings  Hold Your Peace, GCh. Jack O’Lantern, Midnight Return, Princely Pleasure, Trick or Treat, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unprincipled

this guy i have high hopes for a son of What’s its Worth

Ch. Out of Africa-----Dark bay stakes winning boy, got him for $150,000 a lot less than i thought id have to pay!!!

1/2 Siblings  Ch. Bid For Victory, GCh. Bitter Sweet, High Bidder, Out And About, Out of That, Out of the Wild, Out of This, Out of this World

by-What’s It Worth (G) —What’s It Mean
--------------------------Worthy Notice
out of—Out of the Bid (S) -----Out of Time
-----------------------------Double Or Nothing

logged on this morning and got this guy for $75k not bad hopefully hes a good little runner

Distinct Cruise–Liver chestnut colt
by-Distinct Possibiliy (S)
out of-Cruise Over Clover (B)

1/2 Siblings  Counting Over, Danzig’s Clover, Easy Cruise, Fleet Cruise, Gallant Clover, Unnamed

I wasn’t going to buy anything but a little weanling did catch my eye. A bay colt out of the (S) rated Silver Wind by the game stallion Tiznow. He’s got some nice blood on his mothers side and Tiznow is as of yet an unknown entity. I decided on the name; [color=blue]Tizlater.  :stuck_out_tongue:

After coming in late, I managed to steal Take the Challenge, a 2003 mare by Land Ho out of Last Challenge.  Her only foal to race, Believe by Must Be Magic has shown great promise over the turf at a young age, despite being owned and raced by Final Furlong.  Take the Challenge is 1/2 to a former Cricket, I Will Survive and in foal to Cricket Hill’s favorite stud, Highland Laird (did someone say Army!Laird?).  So, all in all we’re tickled pink.  Plus, she’s by Land Ho, a line we have in our breeding stock via soon-to-be-stud, Dark Continent, but we don’t have him on the dam’s side.  I’m interested to see what a Laird/Ho cross will be.  Or a Ho/Laird cross.  Hopefully they cross well. =)

We only came home with one horse, but she’s more than enough.  :wink:  [color=red]Spectacular Star is a platinum ranked 2001 mare and the dam of MSWs Mistico Cigano and Bid of Darkness.  We bought her for her awesomeness as a producer, her sire (yay Bid!), and for her upcoming 2012 Danzig baby. :slight_smile:  We’ve got high hopes for her in her new home.

Congrats as well go out to all the new owners of Stillwater horses.  Good luck with your purchases!