2011 2yo Auction Horses Consigned

FF has consigned horses to the 2011 Annual 2yo Auction.  :slight_smile:  Bidding will start on March 4.

WOW 150 horses! This should be an awesome auction, cant wait!

Thank you !

WoW ;D

yay cant wait!!

-tick tock tick tock- I cant wait

I can’t wait! I have my eye on a couple young 'uns right now. Hopefully the week won’t be too long… :smiley:

I have 3 i like but i also have a foal due this week too so i cant sit still!!! lol

Ooo… that’s a lot of 2yos. I’m broke, but I think I’ll have to try and snatch one up. Hopefully they’ll be worth their buy…!  ;D

Happy bidding, everyone! :slight_smile: