2010 Breeders' Cup Qualification

Breeders’ Cup Qualification For 2010

  • Priority will be given to horses with the most points in Breeders’ Cup sponsored races (any non-BC race that has “Breeders’ Cup” in the title…Excelsior Breeders’ Cup, Louisville Breeders’ Cup, etc)
  • Priority will then be given to horses with the most points in stakes races

Qualifiers for non-F/M races (anything but the BC Juve Fillies, BC Distaff, BC F/M Turf, BC SC Distaff, and BC Distaff Endurance) will only have non-F/M races count for points (in other words, your filly has to kick some boys’ butts in order to qualify for open BC races)

Qualifiers will consist of 20 horses - 14 definite qualifiers and 6 alternates.

I am hoping to have a dynamic, up-to-date list of current points leaders throughout the year.

Sounds wonderful. So obviously still have to nominate sires? And will there be a provision to nominate horses to run that aren’t nominated through their sire? For example, is Starcraft’s sire nominated for the BC? Not sure, but I know they paid something like AU800,000 for him to run today.

I believe this has come up several times before and we’re not planning on implementing supplemental nominations. One, we just don’t feel like the hassle at the moment. Maybe come 300 days from now we will :wink:. Less likely to do supplemental nom’s for horses who’s sires weren’t nominated than for horses who weren’t nom’d as babies. The whole Breeder part of it :wink:

I like the supplemental idea. True to life. Gets the best horses running etc… However I understand the pain in the butt codeing, and there are higher priotities side. It’s just that I was looking at my sire’s and saw a couple of foals I didn’t realize they had when I bought them. If people ever wanted to run them in the BC’s I’d like them to be able to. I don’t know if you can nominate back foal crops or not. I wasn’t into to that in the beginning of the year. I was in my newbie expansion frenzy stage :lol: :wink: But it’s not an issue one way or another for me.

I like the setup for next year :smiley: It’s much clearer and better defined :smiley:

Andrea thanks again for working on this years race qual’s.

Earlier this year you could, but from now on, you can only nominate the current year’s crop.