2009 Stable Stats

Since we’re 3/4 of the way through the year, I figured it might be interesting to see how everyone’s doing, (interesting to me at least :slight_smile: ) and maybe give an opportunity for some bragging. :slight_smile:

Training Statistics
Races: 58
Wins: 6 (10%)
Places: 9 (16%)
Shows: 11 (19%)
Fourths: 12 (21%)
Earnings: $304,300

No breeding stats yet, though I have five foals to look forward to next year…yay!!

Also haven’t had much luck yet in Stakes entries, but I’ll keep plugging away at that…

Soon, we will be having the prestigious Breeder’s Cup races, and then the Breeder’s Stakes series, and then the end-of-the-year awards. I don’t really have anyone to brag about of that caliber, yet, but perhaps some of the other stables have hopefuls they’d like to put in the spotlight? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

In any case, it’s been a great and really fun year so far, and I’m looking forward to 2010. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m very happy with how my stable has done so far. Gotta love those created horses :slight_smile:. I haven’t had any luck in Stakes races either, though did manage a 4th in a G1 with Absolute Addiction, a 4th in a G3 with Tizher Halo and a 3rd in a G3 with Kestrel. So here’s my stats so far:

Training Statistics:

Races: 86
Win: 7 (8%)
Place: 8 (9%)
Show: 15 (17%)
Fourth: 8 (9%)
Earnings: $302,025

4 of my 7 wins have come from horses that were newly created (ie. Sire, Dam had no history in the game). I’ve noticed that these newly created horses have done pretty well for alot of new stables. I personally love the created horses I bought.
Good luck with the rest of the year everyone! :smiley:
:smiley: :smiley:

Well here are Clovers Springs Stables stats for this year including our homebred foals:


This Year
Races: 637
Wins: 88 (14%)
Places: 93 (15%)
Shows: 104 (16%)
Fourths: 82 (13%)
Earnings: $23,024,300


Foals: 19 (13%)
Racers: 19 (100%)
Winners: 6 (32%)
Stakes Winners: 3 (16%)
Earnings: $2,665,375 (4%)

Now for my hopefull’s for the BC/Breeder’s Stakes Series races:

Of course Foolhardy is the main star on my list of star horses. He can be entered in either the BC Mile or BC Turf race, but distance-wise he tends to be better now in 12f races so the Turf will likely be his race. I want him at FFCh. status before he retires to stand at stud next year :wink: and he doesn’t have many more points left to go. Reaching 10 million in earnings would be icing on the cake as well :wink:

Clendon Park is another star to watch as she will be entered into the BC SC Distaff of course and she has a very good shot at winning the race. She’ll have a prep race before that very soon, and then off to the BC she will go.

Dreamboat I will enter in the BC Sprint even with the stiff competition, she will still have the best chance for a victory in a sprint race with the colts/stallions.

Long Shot will go into the BC Distaff which is the perfect distance for her, and she needs to race against the fillies and mares on dirt. Best chance is for here there.

Now, for the BC Classic… I have to decide whether to enter both Bright Gold and Clear Effect if they both qualify or whether I want to enter National Post into there as well. Whomever I do not enter in the BC Classic however will be put into the BC Mile if they qualify for it and depending on who qualifies for what race. :wink:

What’s Your Dream will be entered into the BC Filly & Mare Turf race of course, with possibly some of my other turf fillies and mares if one of them qualifies as well.

Secretsarebound might qualify for one of the BC Mile, Sprint, or Turf races… not sure about the Classic but he will be entered if he has enough points for any particular race.

Oscuro Arco Iris will go into the BC Filly & Mare Turf race along with What’s Your Dream, while Crucible may be races the week before in the AJC Oaks, or go into the BC Distaff along with Long Shot if she qualifies.

Void will be entered into the BC SC Endurance because he thrives on the distance factor and he will do his best in that race. Swanlake might be entered into the BC SC Sprint or Classic depending on if he qualifies and which race he fits the best.

Banner Raised or Highland Outlaw if they qualify will be raced in the BC Juvenille, and Fingerprints in the BC Juvenille Fillies. Of course All Jazzed Up might be raced in the BC Juvenille just for fun as well.

Apollo and Chivalry might have one entry from the both of them put into the BC Mile as well depending on what occurs.

The same horses will be considered for the Breeders’ Stakes series races, except a few more will likely be entered as well. :wink:


WOW. Very nice stable. :smiley: Good Luck with the Breeders’ Cup and Breeders’ Series races. Looks like you’ll have a bunch of solid contenders. :slight_smile:

Training Stats…
Races: 550
Wins: 93 (17%)
Places: 76 (14%)
Shows: 65 (12%)
Fourths: 79 (14%)

Breeding Stats…
Foals: 27 (16%)
Racers: 27 (100%)
Winners: 11 (41%)
Stakes Winners: 3 (11%)

(Funny, never feels like 41% of my 2yos are winners…)

And as for BC hopefulls, well, this is going to be hard to do not knowing who’s qualified for what… but I’ll give it a shot…

As You Wish is most likely a definate for the BC Classic. He likes the distance ok. I’d consider him for the Mile as well if he qualifies and depending on how the fields shape up. God I hate entering him in big races :wink:.

Hollywood Magic will go to the Mile if he qualifies, which I think he should with 4 turf wins…

In The Know should be headed to the Distaff, despite her less than stellar performance last time out… (Jase, what’d I do wrong? :wink:).

If Take Me Away qualifies, then I’ll send him to the Sprint.

Temptation will head to the BC Turf assuming he qualifies… (Shanthi, we should prob decide qualifying stuff soonish so that people can plan racing schedules…)

I doubt he’ll qualify, but Amberdrake is a prospect for the Juvenile.

Spell Breaker and Seattle’s Hope are in a similar situation for the Juvenile Fillies. I have a feeling all my 2yos will be on the brink…

Magic Glory WILL be going to the SC Sprint, I don’t have to worry about if he qualifies for that or not :wink: I dont’ think I want to try stretching him out to the 11f for the Classic and I doubt with him it’ll matter in the breeding shed. :slight_smile:

Orion’s Bell could to Mile, Turf, or Classic depending on how the nominations/entries go.

Think those are probably my best prospects. Someone else could surprise me by qualifying, but I doubt it.

Well, here’s how MSF is doing so far this year I have to say the last two months have really been the turning point for us!

This Year
Races: 141
Wins: 24 (17%)
Places: 20 (14%)
Shows: 13 (9%)
Fourths: 19 (13%)
Earnings: $2,012,800

Not too shabby.

No foals yet, so nothing to report there. Next year MSF will have their first foals on the ground. I’m so excited! Yay! :smiley:

I have three Grade 1 type horses, but only one is qualified for the BC and Breeders’ Series.

Gunningdownromance who took the 2yo Triple, winning the Hopeful, Futurity and Champagne Stakes. His next stop is the BC Juvenile, providing of course he qualifies, and then the Breeders’ Series Races. In his 10 starts, he’s never been out of the money, and the only horse to win any of the Triples in 2009. I’m excited to see about the HOTY awards, because at least in my own eyes, he desevers to be a contender.

and my other 2 boys.

Witness came to me via the CCL liquidation. He’s placed first in the G1 Cox Plate, G1 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic, G1 Eclipse Stakes, and the G1 Cadbury Guineas. This boy has had a spectacular season and I’m hoping he’s in the running for the HOTY awards.

Cryptic Ballad purchased from the newbie auction. He’s won his last two starts, the Gr. 1 Joe Aitcheson and the Gr. 1 Vosburgh Stakes. He’s only had 8 starts, and 4 have been first place. His next race is the Meadow Brook Stakes. Because he’s created, no BC Or BS for him either. Because of his late start, I don’t hold much hope for him being up for any awards, but I love him nonetheless. There is always next year!

These three wonderful guys will become the studs that build the foundation of my stable ( providing they all qualify!)

So, It’s been an amazing first year in FF and with my Stable, and I’m looking forward to many more years of fun.

This Year (training)
Races: 130
Wins: 15 (12%)
Places: 17 (13%)
Shows: 17 (13%)
Fourths: 19 (15%)
Earnings: $1,780,600

I only have two foals to my stables name until next year, and both are just weanlings :wink:

As for the BC series, I don’t know if I have any qualified horses for them, because i don’t really know what the qualifications are ^-^ I’ll have to go dig them up somewhere. Hopefuly Ill be able to stick A.P. Executive in the BC Sprint, even though its just a tiny bit short for him.

This Year (training)
Races: 57
Wins: 6 (11%)
Places: 4 (7%)
Shows: 9 (16%)
Fourths: 1 (2%)
Earnings: $433,700

[color=blue]Oscillation will be real competitive over the 8f in the Breeders cup

[color=blue]Back Roads and [color=blue]Classic Starz will be going around in the 2yo races, but not with a lot of confidence

Well, we have definatly been having the best year yet here at CDS.

This Year
Races: 558
Wins: 92 (16%)
Places: 85 (15%)
Shows: 96 (17%)
Fourths: 72 (13%)
Earnings: $15,449,450

All Foals
Foals: 31
Racers: 1 (3%)
Winners: 0 (0%)
Stakes Winners: 0 (0%)
Earnings: $2,200 (0%)

HAHAHA…yeah I know one foal but she’s been doing better. :slight_smile: Next year will be CDS’s big homebred crop debut so hopefully we won’t make fools of ourselves. :slight_smile:

We are just waiting now to see where everyone will be placed in the BC races. Can’t wait!! :smiley:

Nice first year so far for Pnootz Farms

Races: 181
Wins: 24 (13%)
Places: 31 (17%)
Shows: 23 (13%)
Fourths: 23 (13%)
Earnings: $5,198,050

Not a bad year so far
Races: 183
Wins: 27 (15%)
Places: 26 (14%)
Shows: 18 (10%)
Fourths: 19 (10%)
Earnings: $1,330,150

Races: 187
Wins: 14 (7%)
Places: 15 (8%)
Shows: 22 (12%)
Fourths: 28 (15%)
Earnings: $732,950

One stakes win, earned by two year old Black Light II in the G2 Todman Slipper Trial.

One homebred foal, still a weanling.

I feel very inadequate next to some of you guys now :wink: