2009 Foal Auction

hey, everyone I’m super excited (and super bored right now) about this foal auction. I’m kinda new so I’m hoping to get one foal . . maybe even two. I was just wondering if anyone saw anything they liked on the auction list . . just trying to get a discussion going.

Ok here are some of the foals that I really like. I’m shooting for a yearling cause that way I’ll have another horse to race in 2010. I’m not very good with lines . . pedigrees and all that stuff . . but some I just have a hunch on.

Dandling - just because I am an absolute Gallant Fox fanatic

Firefoxx - Foxxy Lass has produced a few good runners and who could go wrong being sired by War Adminal (and again, her grandsire is Gallant Fox)

Pleased as Punch - lol, just cause I like his name . . sounds like a big old goof ball

Imperialist - ummmm, I don’t know just a feeling

I’ve been looking at all the foals too… Trying to pick out who i want!

These are the horses I like… Obviously i cant have all of them so i’ll have to narrow it down later

Ain’t Wrong - Well her sire is Worth, shes a filly and her Dam has produced a few stakes winners. Cant go wrong with her

Dazzle Me - Some impressive foals on the sires side and the only foal racing on his dam’s side is SP

Fantasy Cross - Unproven sire but his dam had great success on the track

It’s All Yours - Lots of MSW on the sires side, a SW on the dams side. Nice looking filly

Speakofthedevil - 1/2 to MSW Devil His Due, SW Strike Your Fancy and SP Devil’s Tune. This guy is one of my favourites

Luck’sonmyside - Supurb Dam, supurb sire. Real good breeding lines… Another on off my favourites

Not long to go! Only a couple of days! Hope everyone has some nice horses picked out! :smiley:

I know I’ve got my eye on a few babies. I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

sooooo excited…:-D… I swear I’ve been waiting since September!

Same here KindleHope! lol But Im not going to call attention to the babies that I like. I dont want you all to take interest in them. haha

Wow, I can’t believe that it all starts tomorrow! I’m very excited, and have my eye on a few babies. I’m probably more likely to go for yearlings this time, so that I have some more racers come April. Most of all I’m just very thankful that my horses have done so well racing so that I have money to spend on horses.

Let the bidding begin!

I’ve got my eye on a couple of the yearlings… I can hardly wait… unfortunately… I’m so new… I doubt I’ll have the funds to outbid anyone… but I’ll have fun trying…

These types of auctions have horses go for remarkably low prices. You might not necessarily get your top pick of horses, but you’ll be able to afford some at least. Since no one can spend more than 100,000 lots of horses go for under 5,000 usually.

well im happy i got the weanling i was after…

Got the single yearling I wanted, Luck’sonmyside. Hoping he will turn out to be as nice as his parents and siblings. :wink:

I’m happy as i got the weanling was after, it only cost $500 ( what a bargain) his dad`s record was an amazing

18(14) 4(2) 7(5) 6(6) 0 $1,292,000 540

now that 2 me is a bargain for $500( maybe some of u didn’t get into the auction till late) but if u did i cant c how u could over look them stats

Well I managed to nab Secretary Of State (Secretariat X Fantasies O’ War) The dam hasn’t had any foals race yet but i’m hoping I have the right feeling about her since I have her yearling foal, too. Fantasies O’ War is Stakes Placed with a great 2yo record. I also couldn’t pass up a Secretariat foal. :slight_smile:

I wasen’t really looking to buy another weanling. I was trying to sell the ones I had. But when I say “Ain’t Wrong” I cou;dn’t help myself. She is already a filly and I am very unsure of what my mare D.S. will give whether a filly or colt. No matter what she will join the broodmare band at E.S. I have renamed her India ES