2007 Final Standings

The Untouchables: 181 Points
Knight’s Princess–33pts
  January #13: 6th/14 - 8pts
  February #13: 2nd/14 - 16pts
  March #13: 6th/10 - 4pts
  May #13: 4th/6 - 2pts
  August #16: 6th/6 - 0pts
  November #13: 11th/14 - 3pts

Lucky Save–39pts
  March #7: 1st/14 - 13pts
  May #9: 2nd/11 - 9pts
  June #9: 4th/8 - 4pts
  August #10: 1st/7 - 6pts
  November #9: 1st/8 - 7pts

Miracle In Black–57pts
  January #3: 1st/14 - 13pts
  February #5: 3rd/4 - 1pt
  March #4: 5th/14 - 9pts
  May #3: 3rd/14 - 11pts
  June #3: 1st/8 - 7pts
  August #3: 2nd/9 - 7pts
  November #3: 3rd/12 - 9pts
  December #4: 7th/7 - 0pts

Breeding Reports
Sweet ‘n’ Sassy (Andrea) - 8/10
Sunset Beach (Andrea) - 8/10
Amazon Princess (Ronda) - 8/10
Rogue’s Lilly (Ronda) - 9/10
Wild Heart (Ebie) - 8/10
Just A Moment (Ebie) - 9/10

Winner’s Circle Hogs: 107 Points
Knight’s Melody–29pts
  January #15: 13th/14 - 1pt
  February #15: 7th/14 - 7pts
  March #13: 3rd/10 - 11pts
  June #13: 3rd/6 - 3pts
  July #13: 2nd/6 - 3pts
  October #13: 10th/10 - 0pts
  November #13: 10th/14 - 9pts

  February #7: 12th/14 - 2pts
  March #7: 11th/14 - 3pts
  May #7: 10th/14 - 4pts
  June #7: 9th/14 - 5pts
  July #7: 5th/12 - 7pts
  October #7: 11th/13 - 2pts
  November #17: 5th/7 - 2pts

Angels Dream–32pts
  February #1: 12th/14 - 2pts
  May #1: 3rd/14 - 11pts
  July #1: 10th/13 - 3pts
  October #2: 3th/14 - 11pts
  November #1: 9th/14 - 5pts

Breeding Reports
Rhapsody In Black (Bridgette) - 7/10
Firebird (Bridgette) - 9/10

Blue Crush: 28 Points
Townsend Hope–1pt
  May #15: 5th/6 - 1pt

Corporate America–6pts
  January #8: 10th/11 - 1pt
  May #6: 5th/10 - 5pts

  January #4: 8th/14 - 6pts

Breeding Reports
Golden Princess (Virginia) - 8/10
Speeding Bullet (Virginia) - 7/10

Devil’s Advocates

Prizes will be posted later tonight (i.e. 1-2hrs) once I finalize them.

Go HOGS! Second

place ain’t bad! :slight_smile:

Overall Prizes

To The Untouchables
Each team member gets $500,000

To The Winner’s Circle Hogs
Each team member gets $300,000

To Blue Crush
Each team member gets $100,000

Individual Prizes
Members may choose any of the following options:

  1. Accept 2 mares with NO foals
  2. Accept 1 mare with her 2008 foal
  3. Accept 2 foals with NO mares

Members may only choose to accept their mares/foals, no “trading” around.

Brianna -

  1. Golden Princess i/f to Black Gold
  2. Quit Playing Games i/f to Magic Man

Kerry -

  1. War Mistress i/f to Highland Wizard
  2. Wild Heart i/f to Kentucky Summer

Lindsay -

  1. Only Illusions i/f to Executive Orders
  2. Katie’s Baby i/f to Lonesome Glory

Virginia -

  1. Dark Victory i/f to Jazz It Up
  2. Arcane Maiden i/f to Northern Dancer

Meghan (BBF) -

  1. Why Ask Why i/f to Fire ‘n’ Smoke
  2. Home Fries i/f to Deputy Minister

Jade -

  1. Celtic Princess i/f to Secretary
  2. Southern Rose i/f to My Lucky Day

Holly -

  1. Rogue’s Lilly i/f to Lit de Justice
  2. Wonder’s Miracle i/f to Secretariat

Bridgette -

  1. Happy Holidays i/f to Lucky Cigar
  2. Social Climber i/f to Highland Bandit

Ebie -

  1. A Diamond Jewel i/f to Lonesome Glory
  2. Promises Kept i/f to Highland Wizard

Becky -

  1. Genuinely Gold i/f to Romeo
  2. Lady Temperance i/f to My Lucky Day

Ronda -

  1. Amazon Princess i/f to Seabiscuit
  2. Silver Myst i/f to Point Given

Andrea -

  1. Jungle Queen i/f to What’s It Worth
  2. Make An Impression i/f to What’s It Worth

Christina -

  1. Fire de Flame i/f to Jazz It Up
  2. Fantasyland i/f to A.P. Indy

Please post here or e-mail me with who you would like and I will transfer them.

Well Shanthi, I’ll take

what’s behind door #2. :wink:. Now, whoever has her older babies, let them show their stuff

next year :smiley:. Storybook Farms would like to welcome Make An Impression, a MSW mare who’s in

foal to What’s It Worth for 2008, to the farm. She’ll be in good hands.

Oh, and you’ll notice that

the quality of the mares offered is dependant on the team placing…The Untouchables got

offered mares who won stakes or had stakes-winning foals, Winner’s Circle Hogs got offered

mares who placed in stakes or had stakes-placing foals, and Blue Crush got offered mares who

won or had winning foals.

So the more active you are, the better chance you have to win

and get cooler stuff. :wink:

hm, hm,

hm…wellllll…:slight_smile:…I would like to choose door number

3!!! Both those foals look soooo promising and I can’t pass

either of them up! GREAT!! I’m soooo excited!!! Wow, and 100K will be very helpful for

next years breeding season. Go HOGS!

I mean 300K!!! OMG!

wow! those are some great

prizes! next time i’ll try a lot harder…well, since i dont have any mares right

now…i’ll take both of them, minus the foals. my first mares! im so excited!

I’ll take… #1!!! I cannot

pass up these mares! It’s impossible! The foals are good but it is possible for me to breed

the mares to those studs again if I wanted to so… I’m gonna take both the mares.

I’m going to take #1, both

of the mares, they’re just great, and I need to improve the quality of my broodmares…

thanks for the AWESOME prizes, Shanthi!


I’d like both mares without

foals :smiley:


mmmmm I really like the

mares… #1 !!! mmmmm Ill be more active next year, really!

What a prize! Thought I

noticed a nice little rise in my stable budget, but coupled with the mares(which are gold to

me) thats even better!!

My team will win next year!

P.S.-I’d like both mares please

I’d like to take Only

Illusions and her foal by Executive Orders. Nice looking prizes guys, and thanks Shanthi



No problem, glad you enjoyed

it. :wink: I may consider giving out even cooler prizes for lots of activity in next year’s

CW, though I’d say I was pretty generous this time! :wink:

Brianna, Meghan, Kerry…did you

want your mares/foals??

“squeels” WOW NEVER saw this

commin, was happy with the money but am ESTATIC with this. It’s just a dream come true to

have quality mares like this so early in a game. I can’t say thanks enough…

take both mares please…

  1. Amazon Princess
  2. Silver Myst