Yes, only two 2-Y-O races per card.

No, no special 2-Y-O race days. The game mimics real-life as closely as possible. Just wait a while if you can’t get your 2-Y-O’s entered - the races get smaller as stakes become availible and everyone is over the initial 2-Y-O rush.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

PS. Try not to do your posts in all-caps. Doesn’t go down well. :wink:

sorry about the all caps!! i wasn’t paying attention!!!

Its took me alomost 3 weeks and i finally got my colt in there, now I just gotta get my filly in.

How early do you all enter them? I cant seem to even get a shot to enter my one and only one.

I check as soon as I know the entries have opened for the next race day… you have to be quick… took me at least 2 weeks to get my first ones entered… there are more 2 y/o races opening up though…

It takes a bit of luck, especially if you are not one to sit around and wait all day for it.  As soon as the races are run, the race entries open, so if you happen to be on right away, you can get some horses in.  (Such is my luck, sitting at home with pneumonia with nothing better to do!)  It really all depends on when the races run and if you have access to your computer around the same time.

Two races per card is fine, maybe some food for thought down the track is restricting each race to only colts or fillies. At the moment we seem to get a fillies division and a colts and fillies division.

Rather frustrating when you have a colt and see the only race you can enter having a number of fillies in it.

This is the way most early 2 year old races are run in Australia with the merging of sexes later on towards the bigger races. Makes for interesting form lines … will the unbeaten filly beat the boys? etc

Just some thoughts

There are filly only races and “open” races, in which the boys go.  Should a filly owner choose to send her running against the boys, that is their choice, but the filly is usually at a grave disadvantage, especially because they are [usually] so immature.

You’ll notice no (or only one or two) races in FF are colt only.  Colts typically have no problem beating fillies (with the exception of a few, spectacular fillies) so filly owners are only hurting their own chances by running them in races that colts can go in.  And trust me, if those fillies weren’t in there, other colts would be.  It’s very unlikely that that would solve the problem of getting all the 2yos into the early races.

Do you think that mirrors real lie then if fillies struggle against the colts?

I know it wouldn’t solve the numbers problem but at least 14 colts could go around in the early season, as it stands now we could have 14 fillies in one race and  at times another 4 or so in the ‘open’ division.

Personally I just chose to hold mine back when I couldn’t get a run … nothing like a bit of patience  8)

I think in real life owners are typically smart enough not to waste the entry fee on a 2yo F against the 2yo C’s :wink:  FF members sometimes take longer to catch on to it not typically being a money-winning proposition and I think the race code is more generous to fillies vs colts than perhaps it should be.  Plus, if it’s not real money, then it’s much easier I think to gamble with it.