2/24 Update

Retiring horses! :slight_smile: (Not really that exciting, I suppose, but a big feature for the game as a whole - trying to replicate the functionality of the current site so that we can switch over and then add all the awesomeness.)

You should be able to retire:

  • racehorses, if they’re not entered to race
  • broodmares, if they’re not currently in foal
  • stallions (anytime)

You should not be able to retire:

  • Babies
  • Retired horses
  • Dead horses

The “Retire” button will appear under “Options” on the right side of your horse’s page. It will list all the options for retirement (e.g. for racing colts, Retired & Stallion), and either a checkmark or an X depending on whether it’s a valid option (non-studified colts will have an X next to Stallion). Once you select an option and click Retire, you’re done. :slight_smile:

Feel free to play around with it - the data import that runs overnight will un-retire any horses (based on their current status in the game), so no worries about doing anything permanent.

Whoot! Excellent, Shanthi.

But now we can retire a broodmare in foal, and then the foal goes to FF…? I don’t remember doing this actually, but I think there was a broodmare I used to own which another owner retired while she was in foal.

Are you talking about the current setup? Retiring a mare has nothing to do with who owns the foal. (You can retire a broodmare who’s in foal in the current setup, but that’s being changed in the beta as it’s a potential tax dodge. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, unless it killed the foal, it’s not very realistic as the mare doesn’t “retire” from being pregnant until she foals.)