Race 1
Win: Dragonglass
Place: Skrymir $100
Show: Mighty Limit

Race 2
Win: Dione
Place: Secret Theory
Show: Dark Home

Race 3
Win: Diamond Fiesta
Place: Goofy Vein $100
Show: Abrupt Darkness

Race 4
Win: Royally Yours
Place: Dizzy Level
Show: West Nile

Race 5
Win: Shattered Stars
Place: A Study In Scarlet
Show: Die A Fool

Race 6
Win: Copy Kat
Place: Without Warning
Show: Tangy Brick

Race 7
Win: Gunning For Love
Place: Lavish Tea
Show: Nice Note

Race 8
Win: Miracle Strike $250
Place: Ancient Egypt
Show: Vial Of Venom

Race 9
Win: Splash of Ginger
Place: Celtic Robyn
Show: Inferno

Race 10
Win: Flawless Shore $250
Place: Brawny Tiger
Show: Lies Within $50

Race 11
Win: Fancy Footwork $250
Place: Tense Ground
Show: Sour Mine $50

Race 12
Win: Victoria Park
Place: Always Unique
Show: Living East

Race 13
Win: Cobblestone
Place: Celandine
Show: Wicked Glory $50

Race 14
Win: Coco’s Flight
Place: Red Brigrade
Show: Flaming Flag

Race 15
Win: Tough Idol
Place: Eternal Suprise
Show: Precipice

Race 16
Win: Away Team Honors
Place: Face Value $100
Show: Detailed Frog

Race 17
Win: Bespeckled
Place: Kona Winds
Show: Right Heart $50

Race 18
Win: Val D’Or
Place: Celtic Highlander
Show: Turningofthebones

Race 19
Win: Poised Iris
Place: Blackberry Wine
Show: Introvert

Race 20
Win: Chance of Victory
Place: Scion
Show: Moon Bear

Race 21
Win: Somber Act
Place: Helen of Troy
Show: Moonrise

Race 22
Win: Valley of Kings
Place: Mute Demon
Show: Gold Nugget

Race 23
Win: Can’t Keep Me
Place: Telephone Booth
Show: Level Veil

Race 24
Win: Ready To Leave
Place: Little Scent
Show: Twilight Zone

Race 25
Win: Sweet Wishes
Place: Good Vibes
Show: Here Comes Trouble

Race 26
Win: Blue Merlin
Place: Strawberry Hill
Show: In The Air

Race 27
Win: Bora Bora
Place: Magic Words
Show: Painted Highland

Race 28
Win: Golden Gloves $250
Place: Nosy Crown
Show: Runoff

Race 29
Win: Icy Minute $250
Place: Liberty
Show: Wonder Boy

Race 30
Win: Mercy $250
Place: Yankee Queen
Show: Azul

Race 31
Win: Immense Linen
Place: Aggressive Home $100
Show: Slow Edge

Race 32
Win: Goofy Land
Place: Victorian
Show: Alluring Moon

Race 33
Win: Sunset Flight $250
Place: Golden Idol
Show: Fool’s Errand

Race 34
Win: Lightning Bug
Place: Grey Boy
Show: Duskwood

Race 35
Win: Kalua $250
Place: Sea of Galilee
Show: Wicked Nation

Race 36
Win: Tunes of Glory
Place: King of Spades
Show: Quiet Battle

Race 37
Win: Xray
Place: Wiry Sand
Show: Ragged Blossom

Race 38
Win: Epoch
Place: Highland Skye
Show: Mountain’s Glory

Race 39
Win: Under Your Scars $250

Race 40
Win: Probability
Place: Evil Lady
Show: Brazen

Race 41
Win: Troubled Vase
Place: OutOfTheWay
Show: Might and Power $50

Race 42
Win: Magic Kingdom
Place: Song of Silence
Show: Giordano

Race 43
Win: Tense Impact
Place: Nice Flame
Show: Tough South

Race 44
Win: Real Darkness
Place: Daring Trail
Show: Suddenly Irish

Race 45
Win: Peace Out $250
Place: Dark Tide
Show: Wailing

Race 46
Win: Marseillaise
Place: Fool For Flowers
Show: Belverdere

Race 47
Win: Glorious Form
Place: Love In The Night
Show: Harley Quinn

Race 48
Win: Madame Pele
Place: The One and Only
Show: Dixie Crown

Race 49
Win: Frau Hollie
Place: Matchmaker
Show: Magnetic Day

Race 50
Win: Asking Price
Place: Second Wedding
Show: Last Highlander

Total Days Handicapped: 3
Total Amount Earned: $9000

Win: $250 x 19 = $4750
Place: $100 x 12 = $1200
Show: $50 x 21 = $1050
Quinella: $500 x 2 = $1000
Trifecta: $1000 x 1 = $1000