Race 1
Win: Lady Hamilton
Place: Black American $100
Show: Winter Wonderland

Race 2
Win: Bickley $250
Place: Usain Kiss
Show: Dove From Above $50

Race 3
Win: Crown Princess $250
Place: Foolish Manner
Show: Sea Journey

Race 4
Win: Fast Sugar
Place: Noisy Answer
Show: Possible Impulse $50

Race 5
Win: Away Team Honors
Place: Long Bead
Show: Mazu

Race 6
Win: Crafty Foxx
Place: Darkest Diamond
Show: Splendid Land

Race 7
Win: Defiant Noise
Place: Impossible Reward
Show: Nice Idol $50

Race 8
Win: Dominatrix
Place: Bloody Sunday
Show: Fierce Ground $50

Race 9
Win: Goofy Vein $250
Place: Colossal Wave
Show: Magnificent Test

Race 10
Win: Aged Gold
Place: Royal Post
Show: Yule Ball

Race 11
Win: Black Widow Spider
Place: Gigantic Cloth
Show: Petite Shimmer

Race 12
Win: Copper Request
Place: Wrathful Approval
Show: Terrific Turn

Race 13
Win: Imagineer
Place: Lost Moon
Show: Eternal Fire $50

Race 14
Win: Song of My People
Place: Magnetic Owl
Show: One Last Kiss

Race 15
Win: Nelson’s Jewel
Place: Foreign Flair
Show: Rainbow Fairy

Race 16
Win: Duke of Wellington
Place: Skyfall
Show: I Got The Magic

Race 17
Win: Type Cast
Place: Make Me Impressive
Show: Natalma

Race 18
Win: Christmas Lights
Place: Excellent Lead
Show: Patriootti

Race 19
Win: Celtic Gold
Place: Who Doctor Who $100
Show: Subdued Leaf

Race 20
Win: Levinas
Place: Seduction
Show: Stitchen

Race 21
Win: Sparky
Place: Jail House Snitch
Show: Golden Elegance

Race 22
Win: Inevitable
Place: Ardent South
Show: Fox And The Hound

Race 23
Win: Brief Scene
Place: Ways and Means
Show: Blue Secret

Race 24
Win: Hissy Fit
Place: Glossy Leaf
Show: Callgirl

Race 25
Win: Gotta Lotta Nerve
Place: Montmarte
Show: Quote

Race 26
Win: Quibbler
Place: Venture A Kiss
Show: Innocent Eyes

Race 27
Win: Who’s Too
Place: Near Lamp
Show: Naval Director

Race 28
Win: Peer of the Realm
Place: Piccolo
Show: Bellstaff

Race 29
Win: Gold Ring
Place: Overjoyed Arch
Show: Drop of Oil

Race 30
Win: Magic Shine
Place: Gunning For You $100
Show: Crooked Pirate

Race 31
Win: Chilly Sense
Place: Jasper
Show: Idran $50

Race 32
Win: Vellamo
Place: Imperfect Ship
Show: Golden Grace

Race 33
Win: Azkaban
Place: Sunstruck Trick
Show: No Lies $50

Race 34
Win: Quarrel
Place: Pale Rainstorm
Show: Heavenlight $50

Race 35
Win: White Label
Place: Lonesome List
Show: Fife & Drum

Race 36
Win: Wide East
Place: Smooth Doll
Show: Pale Lace

Race 37
Win: Inner Strength
Place: Bloodonyourhands
Show: Supernovae

Race 38
Win: Desert Card
Place: Cuddlepie
Show: Tough South

Race 39
Win: Tangy Trip
Place: Towering Sky
Show: Super Deer

Race 40
Win: Calcidus
Place: Zany Flavor
Show: White View
Trufecta $1000

Race 41
Win: Von Drei
Place: Voodoo Princess
Show: Solid Thread

Race 42
Win: Enchanting Fly
Place: Proud Cake
Show: Cold Offer

Race 43
Win: Silver Heart
Place: Alexander
Show: Wonderful Regret

Race 44
Win: He’s A Macho Man
Place: Molten Metal
Show: Etiquette

Race 45
Win: Coastal Station
Place: Spurs Flag
Show: Flecks

Race 46
Win: FightFireWithFire
Place: City of Gold
Show: Dynamic Wisp

Race 47
Win: Ready For This
Place: Mysterious Reason
Show: Dodge City

Race 48
Win: Bullock’s Heart $250
Place: Fantastic Song
Show: Whimsical Flag

Race 49
Win: Fool’s Crown
Place: Madam Mim
Show: Aluminum Shower

Race 50
Win: Frau Hollie
Place: Fading Colours
Show: Kept Word

Total Days Handicapped: 1
Total Amount Earned: $2700

Win: $250 x 4 = $1000
Place: $100 x 3 = $300
Show: $50 x 8 = $400
Quinella: $500 x 0 = $
Trifecta: $1000 x 1 = $1000